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Aquafresh Iso-Active Whitening Toothpaste

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Jan 09, 2010 : I love this toothpaste A little goes a long way, Nice to know its getting in between the spaces…

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Being Juicy: Virgin Sips

on Jan 10, 2010: I think that juicing is awesome as well. Very nutritious and healthy for us. I also bought a power juicer and yes it works well, but you can juice with the use of a blender. You are not losing the fiber which is partially removed in the juicer. I make a orange juice, kiwi, spinach mixture in the…
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Cheers! How to Start a Wine Tasting Group

on Jan 10, 2010: love the idea, I'll be planning this with my girlfriends in february.
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Tiger Woods Says Goodbye To Privacy

on Jan 10, 2010: The media protray their own take on it despite the truth. Over, and over and over again. I feel due to the circumstances surrounding the incident bringing it out in the open the public was entiltled to become aware, as he is public figure. But, now leave them at peace to work through this in pr…
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