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Update Your Wardrobe Now For Less Than $50

on Aug 15, 2009: Forever 21 is an amazing store...they have all types of styles to suit everyones needs (cheap too). You can also try going to store where you can exchange or sell your gently used clothes, which could be a real help when you dont have that perfect outfit for that date coming up! Platos Closet is i…

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Being Juicy: Virgin Sips

on Aug 15, 2009: Growing products at home is more dont get as many nutrients when you buy at a market. Its when you first take it outta the ground or off a vine/tree, thats when its the most fresh and has the most nutrients to juice. I have read a lot on this and it was very helpful...i've lost 10…

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Summer Shapewear: Sleek Wardrobe Secrets

on Aug 15, 2009: I would really like to get this...where can i get one!! Ali