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Rubbermaid Premier 12 Piece Storage Set

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Doting on Dolls

on Feb 03, 2009: I cannot judge. that said I totally disagree re: that quote about babies being the best part of motherhood. personally I'm having a blast in toddlerland.

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Going to Great Lengths For Long Lashes

on Feb 03, 2009: is our economy actually tanking? what kind of country are we living in? barring a preexisting medical condition, I have other ways to spend that money.

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Saving More at the Supermarket

on Dec 19, 2008: I shop at Trader Joes for processed products/breads, frozen vegetables, fish and chicken and organic and Costco (but VERY carefully because just because it's Costco doesn't mean it's cheap) and Walmart . We are basically vegetarian (mostly beans, eggs, and cheese) and have a meat dish once a week …