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Going to Great Lengths For Long Lashes

SS Member Image By drodriguez 01.28.09
Going to Great Lengths For Long Lashes
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Women have been using mascara for over a century to create the illusion of darker and longer eyelashes.  Now it seems we have something new to add to the cosmetic arsenal that will make long lashes a reality rather than an illusion.  The FDA just approved a prescription medicine called Latisse that is said to lengthen eyelashes dramatically in a short amount of time. 

The way Latisse was created was sort of a happy accident.  Patients began realizing that the eye drops they were being prescribed for glaucoma were also making their eyelashes grow.  It turns out a compound in the eye drops, called prostaglandin analogs, was responsible for the hair growth.  Doctors soon began prescribing the glaucoma medicine to patients specifically for the purpose of lengthening their lashes.

Women who are prescribed Latisse by their doctors will use a wand to apply the liquid medicine to the edges of their eyelids.  The prescription drug costs $120 for a one-month supply.  Dermatologist, Dr. Victor Narukar, told ABC News that he expects the drug to do very well with women.  He said, “Very much to my amazement, the number one issue around the eyes that women are often concerned by are thinning eyelashes.”

After hearing about a new drug being prescribed for such a cosmetic purpose, many women will immediately wonder about possible side effects.  There is one side effect being reported about that could be potentially serious to some. 

Glaucoma specialist, Dr. Andrew Iwach has warned, “In some patients there can be a change in the color of the iris.”  Apparently, this side effect happens more often in people with lighter color eyes.  None of the patients in the clinical trial reported this side effect, which may be because Latisse is not supposed to go directly into the eye, but just at the edges of the eyelid.

The clinical trial was considered a success proving the drug makes eyelashes a good deal longer and thicker.  Almost 80 percent of the subjects involved in the study saw significant increases in eyelash length, fullness, and darkness after 16 weeks.  Dr. Narukar reports that women will see full growth within six to eight weeks after using the drug, at which point they may even have to trim the lashes to shorten them.   

What do you think of the new drug being prescribed to lengthen lashes?

Is this something you would ever consider talking with you doctor about?

You can view the ABC News story about Latisse at


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  • sundial By sundial

    This sounds really good, I would love to lengthen and especially darken my eyelashes. I have to wear tons of mascara just to make my tiny blonde lashes show up, but I would be a little leery about putting something that close to my eyes especially considering the side effect. I mean, what if one eye changed it's color and the other didn't! ...Sure would be nice to be able to afford to pay $120 a month on some glorified mascara!

  • am_i_lost By am_i_lost

    I'm not so sure about this. Seems there's always a new pill, presciption or surgery to improve or inhance some body part. Sure I want to look my best, but at what cost? How safe is this? Every time you turn around you see a commericial on the TV for some Law Office about "If you or someone you know took such-in-such and suffered from such-in-such you intitled to compensation." Thanks but I'll stick to mascara.

  • kikirose78 By kikirose78

    I completely agree with am-i-lost. What will they come up with next??? Are you kidding me?!

  • Pinkcats46 By Pinkcats46

    I don't think I would try it. Granted, I don't have lush long lashes but I'm happy with what I have. In addition to the expense, I wouldn't take the risk on something so new. I'll settle for less than perfect mascara!

  • sweethonesty By sweethonesty

    I find it quite interesting as well as enticing. What woman wouldn't want those luxurious hollywood actress; or top model length lashes??? I would. My concern about the iris, what color has it been known to change light eyes, to? I don't know that I would spend $120.00 for it though.

  • laura264 By laura264

    Seems a little extreme and a little too good to be true. The part that scares me? "can be a change in the color of the iris" ?? Doesn't sound like it's been too thoroughly tested.

  • Cassiesul84 By Cassiesul84

    This sounds awesome but, I am a little worried about changing the iris of my eye...that can't be healthy! I'll pass!

  • Cassiesul84 By Cassiesul84

    I was reading about the experiments used to test prostaglandin analogs which, they use in this eyelash enhancing turns out that they tested the analogs on rats, which in some cases changes the eyes of the rats "Long-term use of antiglaucomatous drugs may cause ocular surface changes" It's pretty scary to think about! I imagine that the effect on humans may be different and potentially more hazardous?

  • Angelbeck80 By Angelbeck80

    I agree that it seems too dangerous.

  • jenndta69 By jenndta69

    Total waste of money. That's what mascara is for.

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