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  • LindaE By  LindaE    

    Enfagrow is just as effective as pediasure

    I think enfagrow is one of the best things to happen to my 3 year old princess. She is such a picky eater and refuses almost all meats. I started to worry because she was a preemie and lacking protien as well as other nutrients vital to her growth and brain development. Not only does enfagrow cover the missing nutrients, it has put her at a healthy weight without being overweight and has the dha she needs to nourish and support her brain growth and development as well as supporting the growth and development to other critical body parts such as her eyes and immune system. Enfagrow has halped my little girl thrive and I couldn't reccomend it more. Thanks Enfagrow.

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  • maria1313 By  maria1313    

    my daughter loves this we use it during the morning and at times before she goes to bed and she has some on the go as well when she doesnt seem to want to drink regular milk she loves this more .

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  • Jjswildcat5 By  Jjswildcat5    

    My kids literally cried because it was so gross. My 3 yr old little girl threw up! It isn't good at all i wouldnt waste my money on this

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  • Primabratinellah By  Primabratinellah    

    My daughter liked the smell but didn't like the taste. The price is not that economical.

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  • Softlyspoken By  Softlyspoken    

    I bought these to give my daughter added nutrition but, they are pretty big and she didn't like them.

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  • Cmichelew By  Cmichelew    

    My daughter at first didn't like and of course she wouldn't touch it after the first taste. She did drink a whole container of it after a few days however she won't drink one after that. So all in all it was a bust for us!

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  • Wendyv_90 By  Wendyv_90    

    Started giving this to my babies since their appetite is unbalanced and I love it. They enjoy the milk flavor them being so into milk.

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  • msss_L By  msss_L    

    My niece prefers to drink chocolate than vanilla. When i let her try this she literally just shove it off and never gave a try anymore. I was curious why she didn't liked it so i get another one and tried it and it's too sweet for me.

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  • TARA1178 By  TARA1178    

    I thought this item was a great idea especially for the more picky child, but I think it is definitely a more acquired taste. My daughter drank it a few times and then lost interest very quickly. I think this would be great for when you are trying to transition from formula to milk, but not much more than that

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  • JazzyHall13 By  JazzyHall13    

    My daughter enjoys drinking this product. Although she does drink Almond milk as well. I find this easier to give her when we are out and about during the day. It's a quick way to give her something she needs without worrying about to spoiling throughout the day.

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  • GlendaFox By  GlendaFox    

    Love it an

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  • jessica88 By  jessica88    

    I gave this to my 15 month old and he really didn't care much for it, he prefers his juice. he would drink less than half of it, I will still buy it since it has more nutrition than regular cows milk.

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  • Andrejones3 By  Andrejones3    

    My daughter is very picky and loved this milk along with my niece; great product and I encourage others to try.

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  • Eclecticsista By  Eclecticsista    

    Great choice for my fussy eater she loves the taste and I love that it's good for her.

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  • pistolsarah By  pistolsarah    

    Quite expensive for the amount of milk my toddler drinks. He prefers vanilla silk or vanilla almond milk over this.

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