Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Todder Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Vanilla Flavor

Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Todder Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Vanilla Flavor

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I have thought many times about trying this, but am a stickler on not wasting money on something we won't end up using. I was super excited to be able to try this. My son absolutely loved this! I put it in his sippy cup and he would not stop sucking it through the straw until it was gone! I don't think he even stopped to breathe! LOL Oddly enough, i think I may have to look into this and see if it is okay to use in place of milk . My son has issues using the bathroom because of regular milk but he won't touch soy milk. With this, he has had very regular bowel movements and I feel like maybe he is getting the appropriate nutrients from this that he wasn't with diet alone with milk. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

My 23 month old really likes the vanilla flavor. I put them in the fridge and he drinks it just like its milk. With the high value coupons I think I will definitely pick some up and continue to use them for a while especially since I have a picky eater.

My son loved the flavor that he drank twice the amount of milk he usually takes around that time. My son is around the 5th percentile in his weight and its not easy getting him to eat or drink his milk. He can only drink his milk as he watches his favorite thing on TV, but this time he just kept coming for more and drank the whole carton. I am definitely going to be using this often. It is also great to use on the go while shopping, travelling since it can be kept in room temperature. I only wish the cartons with the straws can be made in such a way that toddlers can drink from it without taking the straws out and playing with it. I will definitely recoomend this to anybody!

This kit arrived in the mail just in time for me to try on my son. He is just finishing up with baby formula and moving forward to cow's milk. He just loves the flavor and taste of this. He drank the whole carton in his bottle. We will most definitely try using this again since he liked it so much.

y little tried this and loved it. I love it because we're on the go a lot and these are great for that.

my son is super picky, and i have tried all those other drinks for children (which he does enjoy) and this one he took to easily and enjoyed completely. my daughter is not picky and will eat everything and enjoyed this drink too! they enjoyed it in the containers themselves, and it was easy to pour in bottles and in a sippy cup. he loved the flavor and wants more!

My baby liked Vanilla Flavor more, than the Natural Milk Flavor.

My baby loved this so much. He already knows where I keep it and he would always get one and bring it to me so I can open it for him. I love that I don't need to refrigerate it. :)

My son LOVES the vanilla and milk flavors! I will buy this and recommend it to all the moms I know.

My 4 yr old and 1 yr old loved them

My daughter especially loved this flavor! She was asking for more as soon as she was done drinking it. I love the convenience of them and the price. Great product.

My 18mth old LOVED this product! He was recently sick when we were trying this out. the only thing he could have is liquids, and since he has acid re flux ever since he was 3 wks old. this was great. He didn't throw it back up like reg milk. I am buying this and we Love this product!

My 3.5 yr old son, 1.5 yr old son, and 3 yr old twin neices loved this product! It was easy and convenient for me to serve to them when we were out at the park. So much better than juice boxes! Love this healthy alternative.

My 23 month old love's them, which is great because he has become such a picky eater. I Love the easy to use container and that I can grab and go. It is also packaged like his older brother's juice boxes so he thinks it is a special treat.

my daughter loved this flavour...especially since she is picky about trying new things....i like that it has many nutrients that she might miss throughout the day...and that it doesnt need to be refrigerated especially if you are on the go