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Why One High School Senior Was Punished For Standing Up To Bullies

on Jul 13, 2012: this girl did a good thing, so many times people sit back and watch bullying happen, and they dont do anything. i think that the school should have punished the middle school girls for what was going on, and dont school busses have cameras now? maybe the school should really look into what was goi…

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Tragedy Spurs Much-Needed Debate

on Oct 04, 2010: it would be hard to set up any laws against things like this on the internet. i think that todays youth needs to be re-taught about respect for peers, acceptance of peoples differences, and a persons right to their privacy. things like this need to be taught at home and at school. things like this…

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Scandal On Sesame Street

on Sep 27, 2010: i think her dress was cute, it suits her well. what are you going to do? people walk around like this all the time. we can't shield our children's eyes from things like this when we take them to the mall, or the grocery store and they see something like this. this is how some people dress. our kid…