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Mereadesso Woman Skin Care

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Snore-No-More: Hotel Chain Cracks Down On The Sound Of Snoring

on Aug 07, 2011: As a person who snores because of a medical condition with my throat, I would resent interference from hotel staff. How rude for them to knock on the door and tell a person to keep it down. What about the parents who let their kids run around and scream at all hours of the night? What about babie…

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10 Items or Less On Your Next Beach Vacation

on Jun 20, 2011: I try to keep everything in one or two colors and black or white. I try to make every piece match with at least 2 other pieces so that I have the maximum number of choices from the least number of pieces.

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Divorce Party: Will You Attend?

on Jun 07, 2011: How can you celebrate the end of a marriage. If the woman is being abused, she should certainly get divorced, but otherwise, shouldn't they try to work it out? What does for better or worse, til death do us part mean to the people who so casually divorce and then celebrate it