Divorce Party: Will You Attend?

   By drodriguez  May 21, 2011


Throwing an extravagant party to celebrate marriage with friends and family is common place, but what about when couples don’t make it to “till death do us part”? Is this also time to celebrate? Though some may find it a little odd, many couples are embracing the growing trend of divorce parties.



A CNN report details the trend and what it means to people who are going through the difficulties of divorce. Whether you throw the party as a couple or celebrate alone with a small group of girlfriends, divorce parties can be done in many different ways.


These parties have become so popular that there are now party planners who specialize solely in this type of celebration , like owner of Los Angeles event company The Divorce Party Planner Christine Gallagher. Gallagher explains what divorcees can get out of throwing a party like this, “Yes, it’s sad and it’s painful, but it’s not failure…A celebration communicates that divorce is ok – life-affirming even.”


Divorce party planners are not the only ones out there offering nonconventional services to divorcees. A website called Godammo will melt down your wedding ring and turn it into a bullet. Another site dedicated to giving divorcees a little closure is WeddingRingCoffin.com. They sell a tiny coffin-shaped box for you to literally bury the ring as a symbol of the failed marriage.


What do you think of growing trend of divorce parties?


Have you ever attended a party like this? Tell us about it!



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kwilty611 by kwilty611 | SUSSEX, WI
Jun 07, 2011

How can you celebrate the end of a marriage. If the woman is being abused, she should certainly get divorced, but otherwise, shouldn't they try to work it out? What does for better or worse, til death do us part mean to the people who so casually divorce and then celebrate it

sunnieLUVS by sunnieLUVS | Glenwood, AR
Jun 04, 2011

?Yes, it's sad and it's painful, but it's not failure?A celebration communicates that divorce is ok ? life-affirming even.? I totally disagree with what shes said and I don't think that divorce is "ok." Marriage is supposed to be sacred. Not something people should look lightly at. I understand if it's a bad marriage but marriage is not a a game and people shouldn't treat it like one neither by throwing divorce parties. In my culture people who are divorced are looked down upon unless there was a good reason like abuse or your spouse cheating on you. When you get married its supposed to be different. There is a reason why marriage is called marriage and not dating or living together. Once married your supposed to be committed to that one person and no one else. And Americas still wonders why 50% of marriages end in divorce. Doing stupid things like throwing a divorce party is just like saying to your kids that divorce is ok when really it isn't.

MyTwoCentsCounts by MyTwoCentsCounts | Brooklyn, NY
May 29, 2011

I would totally attend! I know I have been through a serious rough patch in my marriage and currently we remain separated and though to me he is the love of my life. If we were to divorce< I would totally celebrate my new found freedom of being free of the heartache and burdens that came along with everything!

charlie2 by charlie2 | atascadero, CA
May 23, 2011

I so agree with you. I think it could go both ways depending on the person and the relationship between them.

jandshyne by jandshyne | GILLETTE, WY
May 23, 2011

I know a woman who had one. For her it was appropriate because she was leaving an abusive relationship that was holding her back from the fabulous she was and she finally found the courage to break free from it which was HUGE. For others it's not appropriate at all because they've been blind sided and left shattered and making light of it is not something they can deal with. I think it is a loaded question because it's not yes or no. It's situational and given the right situation I'd totally attend one if a friend needed it after leaving a bad marriage that was holding her back. And that sounds sexist so I'll just say I'd do the same for a male friend in a similar situation because men can be abused and repressed in a marriage as well.

Loen210 by Loen210 | BELMONT, MA
May 22, 2011

For humor, I can imagine it being (on the moment) funny to conjure up. But to actually celebrate, no way! Only if it is a tiny little get together with your best friend comforting you. But yes, it is a complicated time legally, mentally, and in a way, cruel to celebrate it as a party event. I must say the weddign cake picture is very matching to the title though.

tartan94 by tartan94 | Maplewood, NJ
May 22, 2011

What..?! Of course divorce happens but it is a sad time, especially if there are children involved. I agree with jessicamac, a party for divorce is a bad use of energy. I think the divorce party business is a sad state of affairs.

rebeccamarbas by rebeccamarbas | spanaway, WA
May 21, 2011

No I would not attend..it just seems so very superficial and not at all truthful about what the end of a relationship means. I know for some it may be a relief but really the ending of a life bound together by God and the decision made by yourselves....well I think it deserves some grief and the right to do so.

jessicamac by jessicamac | MAPLEWOOD, NJ
May 21, 2011

While I understand the need to end a bad relationship, I don't think celebrating a divorce is a good use of energy.

sherrybaby by sherrybaby | wilmington, DE
May 21, 2011

I've heard of this before. Of course, its sad when any marriage ends. However, for so many its a chance to be happy. I guess some people see divorce as that chance for happiness so, they celebrate it. More power to any women who makes the tough decision to divorce. I think its harder in many cases to make that decision.