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Share & Win Holiday Decorations for the Home

on Nov 10, 2011: Maybe because I am not from the US, I never really got the feeling for Thanksgiving, however Christmas? I am already planning, family visits, purchased tickets, had my husband dig out the Christmas decorations (please close your ears he is always grumbling and so...), Did trial runs with the meals…

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Snooping On Your Spouse

on Apr 22, 2011: No wrong, wrong, wrong, I can't say it enough. If you feel the need to snoop on your partner you are already on the way out. Talk about your feelings and if it does not feel well leave with dignity. If my husband would do this, and believe me I do not cheat, I would have a big problem trusting…

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Sweethearts Who Skype

on Apr 22, 2011: Skype is a life saver in our family. We use it daily to communicate all over the world and it is a blessing.