Mirosoft Xbox Kinect

Mirosoft Xbox Kinect

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Complete disappointment When they first came out with a bundled package of the Xbox 360 & Kinect, I purchased it for my children. I went out & got all of the kinect games that were currently available at the time, thinking that this new technology would be awesome. Boy was I wrong. The device didn't like to register a lot of the moves, & any kind of interference in the same area disrupted the game that was being played. After about 2 or 3 times of use, my kids pushed it to the side & refused to play with it anymore. I was extremely disappointed in this product.

Fun for the family! My boys loved the Kinect. Its easy to set up and get playing. We bought a game that we could play a few sports (tennis, skiing) and it was alot of fun. the lighting has to be great in order to have it work just right. other than that, i would recommend it.

Fun for the family! My boys loved the Kinect. Its easy to set up and get playing. We bought a game that we could play a few sports (tennis, skiing) and it was alot of fun. the lighting has to be great in order to have it work just right. other than that, i would recommend it.

I'm the controller? We're living in the future. Where's the holodeck?

I have been gaming for a long time with many different devices (Xbox, PS3/4/2, DS, Emulators, Computers, you name it). The kinect is not a very good device. It's good if you're playing with another friend in person. But if you're going to use it with Xbox live and communicate with others, then this is not good, and I recommend Turtle Beach Headsets. The Kinect sometimes has trouble finding where you are, but it has a fairly good ability to calibrate. If you're looking for a gaming device where you move around, the I recommend Ocular Rift, however, I don't believe they're on sale yet.

I love my Kinect. It keeps you active when you could normally just be sitting around playing video games. Dance Central is the best Kinect game in my opinion! I have actually lost some weight with my Kinect!

i love my Kinect! It is so fun, I have to say it is awesome!!

I love this it gets my family up and playing and keeps us active even when we cant go outside!

We got this for Christmas and I have to say it is awesome. My autistic son gets into this so much more than the wii since it has no controller. I highly recommend

Pros: Kinect is an active video game system. You cannot sit in one place and play Kinect games. You must be up moving around. It's a fun and different way to enjoy fitness on even the coldest of days., There are several sports and fitness related games to keep you moving. Cons: The Kinect will not work correctly unless lighting is ideal. Otherwise, your avatar will not move in the way that you expect. I have had to resort to hanging heavy blankets on sunny days because blinds did not block enough light. Kinect requires a large playing space in order to take advantage of multiplayer features. Bought this product at: Microsoft Store in Mall of America (but it's widely available elsewhere) Kinect is a great way to stay active while still enjoying your game console or TV. You are the controller, unlike other motion consoles that require you to hold a controller in your hand to operate it. Additionally, the Kinect can be voice operated ? and provides a completely interactive environment for the XBox360 ? even outside of gaming. Kinect works with Netflix and Hulu on the Xbox, the dashboard and other Xbox add-ons. You can also use it as a video chat console with other people who have a Kinect. It is a bit light sensitive, meaning too much light or not enough light will cause your Kinect to not work as expected. With a little experimenting, however (turning on and off lights in the path of the Kinect sensor) will usually render acceptable results. There are a TON of Kinect games. The Kinect games are fun, but most of them are sports or fitness related. I would really like to see some games developed to appeal to more hard-core gamers (like myself). I am thinking Left4Dead for the Kinect would be an awesome addition ? so I could get in shape and bash in Zombies!

We bought this for Christmas and my kids ask to play it almost everyday! I love that it keeps them active and moving around. They are young so they only play the basic games, but it gets them moving their body around in ways they wouldn't normally so they have a blast and so do we watching them!

I bought one last summer and my husband and I play it all the time. We just keep the network cable unplugged most of the time (unless I want to download a demo or other DLC). So Microsoft snooping is thwarted. More and more kinect games are coming out. I tried a demo for a game that puts you in an animated scene as a Ninja. It's a great work out and fun too. I'll buy that one soon. The grandkids like the dance games too. I agree that buying Xbox gold is a waste of money. I keep the free subscription so I can download and try out the demos before I buy a game. I think Microsoft is smart enough to realize that providing the demos free results in more game purchases.

I thought that our whole family would love the Kinect, but it's only been a couple of weeks (we got it for Christmas) and the kids have only played with it a couple of times. I think the games are for the younger kids doesn't really hold the attention of a 9 and 14 year old. I don't know if we need different games or what but if I had to do it over again I think I would pass.

I love my kinect. I can play all kind s of exercise games on it. I love playing Ur shape fitness evolve on it and can't wait till zumba 2012 comes out in feb.

We love the Kinect! It is so fun. Old and young like the games. It's great excercise and the kinect itself is pretty smart. I love the games they have available and am hoping they produce more soon!