Sweethearts Who Skype

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Sweethearts Who Skype

Many college-bound high school sweethearts end up being accepted to schools that are hundreds if not thousands of miles apart.  This used to mean tearful break-ups and the end of the affair for most young people.  But with some of the latest technology like Skype, Blackberry, Facebook, etc., aimed at keeping people connected, many are finding that there is no need to end the relationship so soon.

A recent report from New York Times discusses the trend among young couples that are sticking it out in long distance relationships.  One college student, Lisa Hoeynck, describes how Skype has been an integral part of she and her boyfriend’s 3-year long-distance relationship.  Hoeynck says, “I don’t know if we would be together without Skype.  Seeing his face makes our relationship even stronger.”  And when talking about the addition of her iPhone to the mix she says, “It’s like Skype for your phone.  When I’m walking to class I can talk and look at him”

College counselor Mike Malmon talks about the change he has seen on his campus at the College of Wooster in Ohio.  Malmon says, “I used to hear a lot more that ?I don’t want to deal with a long-distance relationship’.  But there’s been a transformation.

One worry many have over the latest trend of high school sweethearts staying together longer is that young people will have a tougher time becoming independent and breaking free from the safety of their old high school existence.  Young adults who are so caught up in a long-distance affair may find it hard to concentrate on college life and the new social possibilities around them.  

What do you think of the latest trend of high school couples staying together in long-distance relationships?

Do you think this is healthy or does it deprive young adults from a proper college experience?

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  • soganmerve By soganmerve

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  • kimvoloshin By kimvoloshin

    Skype is a life saver in our family. We use it daily to communicate all over the world and it is a blessing.

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    Depends on the people. Depends on the quality of "the pick" from the start of any relationship.

  • Monique2monique By Monique2monique

    Skype has been a lifeline in maintaining my Boston-VA long distance relationship. We only get to see each other in person once every month or 2 so being able to feel somewhat closer on skype is very comforting. We have movie date nights on skype, screen sharing movies together. It helps keep things interesting and keep us more intuned with each others day to day lives. Long distance is still difficult at times but Skype has definitely helped :-)

  • jkagattis By jkagattis

    When I first met my boyfriend it was on his Christmas Break from school. He was attending Berklee in Boston and was home in Texas.. it was an instant connection. We spent the first year only seeing each other every few months and Skype really helped. Just being able to see his face, made it easier. During his next Winter break, we ended up conceiving our daughter and I spent majority of my pregnancy and the first few months of motherhood only seeing him online. Now five years later, our relationship is still rock solid and I really feel like dealing with the distance helped us. We can now face anything.

  • MadHatter By MadHatter

    Long distant relationships require a lot of trust with the other party since they wont be seeing them. its hard, but it can work. I have been in a long distance relationship in the past and it worked out pretty well, until he started to get more demanding. but other then that, it only depends on the person and if they know what to put as priority first. my mum always says education first since screwing up your grades is on record, but finding a bf or dating one isn't on record and you can do that any time after you graduate. she was/is still right in my books.

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