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know the product you'll probably be satisfied From time to time I would stop on QVC or HSN when channel flipping. I wasn't familiar with many of the brands on HSN, but they do a great sales pitch on everything they represent. I've not really been satisfied with clothing items I've purchased but I had no issues with returns. I've purchased cleaning products that turned out to be really great for a competitive price, and would purchase again. But I think I got lucky that the product I decided to try turned out well. They offer some collections or super sizes on beauty, cleaning, health (like vitamins) which are good deals, but it's a lot to buy if you don't know the product, even if you can return it. Sometimes I wish they would offer deals on trial sizes, even if they were non-refundable I might be more likely to try new brands. It's worth a look at their website to see if they have a deal on something you are already looking for as you can often get value added on items like vacuums, tech, and kitchen.

The are a lot of deals if you watch and research before buying. But the draw back is the over sell sometimes makes you wait for a month before getting what you ordered.

Love value pays. Items are often up sold. Beauty products seem to be a chance shot. Some work great others not so well. I think if you know products your shopping for it's great. Jewelry items have always been great products.

I never thought that a company that is on TV has such a bad attitude. I ordered for my soon to be 11yr old the XBox 360, paid extra for the extended warranty and the speedy delivery. The system said only 3 left in inventory I asked several times will it be delivered on time, YES was the answer. After a day received a phone call to confirm the order again I was promised that it would be on time. A day later I received a voicemail, sorry not deliverable only 20 days later. I called and was told that even that was just a number to say something. They did not have it in inventory, never had and will order after you ordered and paid. I cancelled the order with the request to send the money back ASAP so I can order from a different place for his birthday. Needless to say the money is not returned, the date that they send the money back depends very much of whom you talk to, difference of at least three days. They blame the bank for holding the money, which is obviously not true since I checked and have personal experience with returned funds. A complaint is made at the BBB and I hope that many others will follow so they change the way they do business. Remember, paying is easy, getting delivered the ordered items? There is NO store like HSN when it comes to doing UNfair business. STAY AWAY!