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Hunger Games' Critics Complain: Katniss Doesn't Look Hungry Enough

on Apr 12, 2012: In the books, Katniss did a lot of hunting and gathering to keep her family fed well. I never really pictured her as being a scrawny girl.

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Does Makeup Matter Too Much?

on Mar 06, 2012: I never leave the house w/o mascara. Moisturizer is a daily thing. In the winter I will wear a tinted moisturizer some days. If I am in need of a real pick me up, I wear foundation and eyeliner... :)

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My Favorite Reads of 2011

on Jan 14, 2012: Water for Elephants was my favorite, followed by The Lincoln Lawyer. I am looking forward to reading The Hunger Games which I have loaded onto my Kindle.