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  • Courtlawton By  Courtlawton    


    BiC has been my favorite since i was in school! The colors look exactly as advertised. Smooth writing flow to the pen.

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  • Falina By  Falina    

    Great product!!

    These are my favorite markers! They have a soft brush tip point that allows a multi coverage options and fine point lines all in one! A must have!

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  • JennJenn3636 By  JennJenn3636    

    These markers are perfect for doodling and making those colorful to-do lists.

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  • allisondoyle90 By  allisondoyle90    

    These are all I use to mark my students exams and essays. I love them!

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  • SophiaG By  SophiaG    

    Ink Stops Periodically

    Like all the colors available. However great if you need thin but I prefer a bit thicker. Also I found you sometimes have to draw back over as the ink stops coming out periodically.

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  • bvcoyne By  bvcoyne    

    art teacher tested

    Great color selection, but I like Sharpies a bit better. I am an art teacher, and I have found after using these pens, and my kids use them hard- they break down quicker and have a shorter shelf life. However, they have awesome color selections.

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  • Nellyfrank By  Nellyfrank    

    The colors are vibrant and the makers are long lasting. I use these for school, scrapbooking, and canvas shoes.

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  • marshagail By  marshagail    

    Ilove the bic mark it they write really good n the color shows up good I use these real often

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  • ktwebb2416 By  ktwebb2416    

    Great Versatile Marker for Writing and Drawing

    These markers are great for making greeting cards or for things like scrapbooking. The colors are bright and dark, but I sometimes find that the ultra fine points have breaks in the ink and you have to go back over your writing or designs. These pens have lasted my family for years and are definitely pretty affordable compared to other pens and markers.

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  • Abagailfreestuff By  Abagailfreestuff    

    These markers are perfect for everyday needs. Great for art, great for labeling, great for writing on mail envelopes!

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  • BluRayne By  BluRayne    

    Love these! The ink seems to last longer than other brands.

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  • kskinner By  kskinner    

    These markers are amazing! I have had them for over 5 years and they still write perfectly!

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  • saxysyd By  saxysyd    

    These are very good markers, the work well and have bold colors.

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  • kboroday By  kboroday    

    I love all the different colors. I like how they write on paper too.

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  • Aidensmommy2014 By  Aidensmommy2014    

    There great. I found they don't dry out as easy as most other markers I've used. And they come in beautiful colors.

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