BiC Mark-It

BiC Mark-It

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The colors are good....but when it said fine point....I expected a much finer tip, I don't like the big tip that tapers to a fine point. For me it's just too bulky. I gave them to my 18 year old daughter and she loves them! Just not the fine point that I like to write with.

I will be the first to admit that I am a pen-freak, I love them all the colors and variety in point. needless to say I was super excited when I found these on sale with a coupon. When I got them home and began to use them I was really disappointed that they were so heavy and bled right through the papers. They are good markers, Bic makes very good products, but for more of a project type thing, on thick papers

I got these free in my first Cravebox, and love them. I can use them to write thank you notes, decorate packages, or craft with, just as good as the other permanent marker.

Love these! The ink seems to last longer than other brands.

A wonderful alternative to Sharpies, I love the color palate for spring! I keep them all in my top drawer at work and use them to highlight things or make notes when I need a burst of color. So much better than the "Bic for Her" pens!

There are so many colors to choose from and you can color coordinate almost anything! They are easy to use, the scent isn't strong, and BIC is a great brand

My 8 year old son loves making art projects and the bright colors are great.

Love the colors. perfect for crafts. spreads on the thin page.

Last for a long time - do not dry out quickly like other brands. Lots of colors to choose from.

Great permanent marker. Perfect for crafts and yearbook signing. However, it heavily bleeds through thin pages. :/

i bought these for my daughter to use for her art projects at school and the funny thing is, umm...they ended up in my room for me to use, so she is always asking me if she can use my markers, LOL!!

I got these for my daughter and she loves them, used them all year and , great colors.

Great permanent marker. Like that they are acid free and great for glass, metal, foil, plastics, photos, coated papers and even oily and damp surfaces. My daughter has used them way more than I have. Reasonably priced will buy again if I need a permanent marker. Saw them at W-Mart website for $6.28 (12 pack).

Love these permanent markers! They're about 1 step down from Sharpie but still really great quality and at a much more reasonable price. I was so excited to see that the cravebox included SO MANY different colors! They look great and write even better. I showed them to my best friend and she wanted to steal them from me :-) Now she's trying to sign up for a cravebox just so she can get all the cool stuff too! Fabulous colors, great writing utensils, these will get a lot of use in my apt!

These markers are perfect for everyday needs. Great for art, great for labeling, great for writing on mail envelopes!