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Anonymous Fathers

on Sep 10, 2010: Do i believe sperm banks are being ran right?-NO More regulations?-yes Ok so lets say that one man has 100 of childern right well lets just say their not in far enough places from each other, lets say some went to school with one another ....Lets just say at some point in time a cupple gets tog…

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Violent Video Game Gets The Boot

on Sep 10, 2010: What the hell are people thinking?!!!!!! Who in the right mental state of mind would buy, play, sell, or make this kind of video game! I think that who ever made it, or who ever made it to be ok to sell in the states should be punnished or SAVERLEY fined!!! This is a outrage!!!!!! This is wrong an…

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A Heartbroken Mother Changes The Rules

on Sep 10, 2010: YES! I think this is a awsome thing to support and go for in EVERY state!!!! I know how hard it is to lose someone and to be there for your loved one to me and odvisly alot of other people, is something that needs to be done especially if that person is still alive and has last moments with someon…