A Heartbroken Mother Changes The Rules

   By drodriguez  Jun 09, 2009

Hearing that a loved one has been injured or killed is the most devastating news a person can ever receive.  One woman, Carmela Wiant, from Ohio has worked hard to make sure parents don’t have to suffer through the same experience she had when she received news of her son’s, David Christopher Money’s, death. 

According to Wiant’s website, David Money passed away after getting into a car accident from hydroplaning.  The Chaplain informed Wiant over the phone of her son’s death.  As traumatic as this information can be, Wiant thought there should be another, more humane, way of communicating this information to parents.  She wanted a chance to say goodbye or be with her son before he died.

A few months after her son’s death, Wiant started lobbying for a bill so that people could be informed of a loved one’s death in the proper way.  The Money-Burge Act (also known as “Next Of Kin” Bill), in memory of David Money and Steve Burge, allows people to add an emergency contact’s information right onto their driver’s license.  This addition to the license allows the first responders on the scene of an accident to contact the next of kin so they can be with the accident victim a lot sooner.

Wiant describes what she went through while lobbying for the bill on her website.  She wrote, “The process of doing this Bill sometimes was very emotional, very stressful and sometimes I just wanted to quit, but every time I would look at my Son’s picture I would say ?What if the tables were turned and they told him this way’?”

What do you think of the Money-Burge Act put in place by Carmela Wiant?

Do you think other states should follow Ohio’s lead and pass bills similar to this one?


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daineljack12 by daineljack12 | City Of Commerce, CA
Jun 17, 2023


gretchenfarricker by gretchenfarricker | Charlotte, NC
Oct 14, 2010

I am 100% behind this! I know that during most circumstances, an accident can happen within a few miles from home, but in some situations, while traveling such as on vacation, you are miles from home and aren't as likely to be in an area where information is as accessible for EMT's and paramedics to contact loved ones and family members in case of an emergency. I believe that this would hinder any confusion and would enable for emergency personnel to contact the proper people to ensure them of the health and well being of their loved one or of their demise. I believe that it would not only save time, but that it would also allow for those family members of the accident victim to get to them quicker.

bonbon2007 by bonbon2007 | La Crescenta, CA
Sep 25, 2010

I support the idea totally,i think family should be notified ASAP when somethign like that happens,hope you all be well..

darcypearl by darcypearl | sedona, AZ
Sep 10, 2010

YES! I think this is a awsome thing to support and go for in EVERY state!!!! I know how hard it is to lose someone and to be there for your loved one to me and odvisly alot of other people, is something that needs to be done especially if that person is still alive and has last moments with someone special or close to them , a family member or a good friend, if it were me i wouldnt be as skard and i would want someone there for me at my last moments-think of how you would feel.....

fryshannon34 by fryshannon34 | East Moline, IL
Sep 01, 2010

I think this is an excaellent idea.I have often wondered what woiuld happen if I or my husband were to be in an accident and how we would be informed of it

ponderingprincess by ponderingprincess | Frontenac, KS
Apr 29, 2010

I think its a good idea, I hope it all works out.

taraware by taraware | WINCHESTER, KY
Jan 28, 2010

Perhaps she was not in the same city or state as her child when he was in the accident? That would explain why she got a phone call instead of a police officer at the door.

laidoff by laidoff | Evergreen Park, IL
Jan 22, 2010

God Bless you and your family....and never give up.

Alyssarae92293 by Alyssarae92293 | BOYNTON BEACH, FL
Oct 29, 2009

a loss of a child is awful.

myangel82 by myangel82 | MECHANICSBURG, OH
Oct 23, 2009

I would love to see it in other states. If you know of anyone that went through this type of experience I would sure help them get this in there state. I have called many but not living in that state it is not as easy. God bless all of you for you comments I really miss my David especially Hi mom with that big beautiful smile and I love you mom with his great big hug. I love you David.

iritsoutherngirl by iritsoutherngirl | UNIVERSAL CTY, TX
Oct 15, 2009

I'm grateful that Carmela Wiant came up with this idea. It's very, very sad that she had to go through the loss of her son though.

UCILikeFrogs by UCILikeFrogs | Adams, MA
Oct 07, 2009

I think that this is a great idea.Good for her.

blake2020ca by blake2020ca | sault sainte marie, MI
Sep 25, 2009

I think it is an amazing idea and other states for sure should be using it. On a side note, if you put your emergency contact into your cell phone under the listing Emergency Contact most police/first responders will look and call that number. I have my husband listed int here under Emergency Contact and under his own name.

myangel82 by myangel82 | MECHANICSBURG, OH
Sep 21, 2009

I have heard where it has helped an older couple. They had been in an accident and there emergency contact information they put as their doctor. When the police put in the drivers license it gave the doctors name and they called them by the time they got them to the ER room there medicals records were there for the ER doctors. So this is a great tool for everyone. Please keep passing it along. This should be in all states. The only people that can get this information is the police officers and it has to come from the leads program as long as someone has signed up for this and they can only get the information if it is medical emergency or an accident.

jeanelley by jeanelley | Chino Valley, AZ
Sep 07, 2009

I think a brilliant idea has been born from a tragedy. Maybe there would be problems with contact numbers changing, but maybe it wouldn't have to be so permenant. Maybe it could be a number taped to the back of your DL. That would be something that is changeable. I personally have my mother listed in my phone as Mom-ICE, because I was told by a firefighter that they do check for that. It would definately help, not hinder, their jobs. Good luck to her...I hope she can help the world with this idea.