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  • NycAlicia By  NycAlicia    

    Birkenstock styles are not fashionable and both men and women should not wear these out in public. In the city, typically tourists wear these shoes.

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  • GlamCityBlonde By  GlamCityBlonde    

    I'm in the minority here. I found them uncomfortable and they gave me blisters. I love the fact they are more styish than your average Birkenstock, however, if they aren't comfortable it doesn't matter how pretty they are unless they are a gorgeous high heel! And these just don't make it. Sorry.

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  • cray623 By  cray623    

    I have two pair of the Betula sandles and have enjoyed them, mine are white & purple patent w/a rubber sole. carries them and I believe they were a steal @ 15.00 each.

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  • brookiesaunt By  brookiesaunt    

    I absolutley LOVE birkenstocks..they are by far my most favorite shoes to wear.spring,summer,fall or winter. I love the different styles and colors and the way they fit my feet and offer support. I have a bad back due to a bike accident several years ago and when wearing these shoes I never have a back ache. I will always be a fan and always wear these shoes!

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  • nluckett By  nluckett    

    Love love love my Birks. This is a geat product. They are so comfortable and I wear all summer long.

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  • FANOOK30 By  FANOOK30    


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  • darcypearl By  darcypearl    

    Birkenstock is my fav! well worth buying-they are pretty spendy though-usally i will buy 1 a year maybe 1 every 2! but you get what you buy believe me!!!! extremely comfortable, and stylish!!!

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  • lmbjd430 By  lmbjd430    

    The large range of Birkenstock brands are wonderful. I order them from QVC and HSN depending on the style I am interested in that day. The Betula brand is very stylish and feminine and the comfort is unbelieveable. For the most part I live in their brands on a daily basis. My feet always feel so good and the quality makes them almost indestructible.

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