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  • chewri By  chewri    

    I love DKNY jeans. I watch for them to go on sale since they are a bit pricy...but definitely worth it..

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  • gmg1969 By  gmg1969    

    Love these, fit nice and although a bit spendy -- worth it!!

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  • ABBY1120 By  ABBY1120    

    these jeans are great. they fit well. a little pricey, but everybody deserves a treat

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  • mdist7 By  mdist7    

    these are the best go-to, always looks great and makes you feel good jeans!! my favorite jeans by far...a little pricey, but to know i have an all time always fitting pr of great jeans, it's worth it :)

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  • MollyS19 By  MollyS19    

    These jeans are so comfortable and very flattering!! They are a little but on the expensive side but I always wait for them to go on sale somewhere. I love that they have a strechy material in them so they make you look skinnier, I love their darker washes with boot or flare but. They are well worth the money!

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  • cnarita By  cnarita    

    I bought my first pair of DKNY jeans years ago and was surprised that the price was so affordable. They looked great and fit perfectly. My husband loved the way they fit me!

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  • yolyselene By  yolyselene    

    I wish i had the money to buy. Would love to try them.

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  • darcypearl By  darcypearl    

    GREAT! stylish, comfortable, affordable!

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  • Mom2Ainsley By  Mom2Ainsley    

    I just got my first DKNY jeans after Christmas when they were having big sales. And I LOVE them. I went back and got more. I got the Ludlow, which fit great. They are a little long, and I plan to hem them, but they look great and I get a ton of compliments. I thought they'd be more of a mom jean, but they aren't at all. I was suprised to since I have hips and usually have a problem with a gap in the waist, these don't give me a problem. Yay, I finally found jeans I really like! Now...only if they made them for people who are short, but not quite short enough for petite sizes. :)

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  • arvajop By  arvajop    

    gives a slimming effect.

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  • pennelephant By  pennelephant    

    these jeans look amazing. i wish i had the money to buy thm though. :/

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