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Black & Decker Handy Chopper

Black & Dec… Rating

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Sep 10, 2011 : This does as good a job as my mega-high-tech stand mixer, but is much smaller and easier to clean!…

Keurig Special Edition B60 Gourmet Single S…

Keurig Spec… Rating

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Sep 10, 2011 : Good stuff! This was a nice birthday present. Unlike the cheaper machines, this one has room for…

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Families That Fly Together May Not Sit Together

on Jun 08, 2012: They should raise the prices by $50 across the board and stop charging for seat assignments and the first bag.
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Is "Pink Slime" Putting Beef Processors Out of Business?

on Jun 08, 2012: They lost me when states started trying to ban undercover videos in processing houses. Whatever they're trying to hide doesn't need to go in my family's tummies. Plus we're saving more than $100 a month using TVP and garden produce instead of slimy mystery meat.
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Lady Gaga in Hot Water After Proclaiming a Love for Knock-Off Goods

on Jun 08, 2012: She's no more going to buy a fake rolex than she is actually going to get lost without her guards and handlers. It's poetic license aimed at shoring up her brand image, not a literal statement.
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