Black & Decker Handy Chopper

Black & Decker Handy Chopper

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Very handy. We use it often and just throw it all in the dishwasher.

Tiny but packs a big punch, love this for chopping herbs really quick!

I have had my chopper for years. Since I don't have alot of counter space it's great and can be hidden away in a cabinet. Just cut your pieces to fit and you can get your veggies diced in no time. Pop it in the dishwasher when your done.

Black & Decker HC21K ONE TOUCH MINI FOOD CHOPPER ? BLACK AND DECKER HC21K ONE TOUCH MINI FOOD CHOPPER is a hard working food chopping machine. It may look small but this little guy really gets the job done. If you don't like it when your eyes tear up when you chop up onions, then toss those onions into the BLACK AND DECKER ONE TOUCH MINI FOOD CHOPPER and press the button , in just a few seconds, you will have perfectly chopped pieces of onion, and no tears. And your hands won't smell of onions either. Need bread crumbs for your recipe? Toast bread slices and toss them into the BLACK AND DECKER ONE TOUCH MINI FOOD CHOPPER, press & hold down the one touch button, in just a few seconds, you will have bread crumbs . It makes cooking so much faster and easier! This mini food chopper has a 1 1/2 cup capacity and a safety locking lid. It is dishwasher safe. The blade is removable making the chopper easy to wash. I love this food chopper, it is small but works hard for you. Black & Decker HC21K One Touch Mini Food Chopper, $14.99 at

I bought my first Handy chopper about 10 years ago. It wasn't a Black & Decker so it didn't last very long. My next one was B & D. I use it almost everyday for chopping onions. We use a lot of onions and we have a garden so as my onions get ready I chop them and freeze them. This makes it so easy. Its extremely easy to use and just as easy to clean! It doesn't take up much space. During the holidays I work this chopper to death! I use it for nuts, celery, carrots, anything that I need to chop. I highly recommend this product!!

I love this mini chopper.... I use it to mince up just about everything from chicken to nuts to veggies. It is easy to use, to clean and to store.

Love my Black & Decker mini chopper. I chop everything in it, from onion and celery to nuts. This is actually my second mini chopper, wore the first one out. Very easy to store, yet big enough for whatever job needed.

This chopper does a nice job slicing and grating. I have used it for many different items. Most recently a lot of zucchini. I was unhappy with the fact that the clip on the outside that holds the lid on broke. It would have cost more to get a new lid than to just buy a new one. yesterday, my husband was using it again, while holding the lid down and the shredding disk broke where it attaches to the metal plate. I am going to buy a better food processor, probably a cuisinart.

This does as good a job as my mega-high-tech stand mixer, but is much smaller and easier to clean! Things do get smushed up against the sides from time to time, but it's easy enough to add liquid or scrape down the sides. I also have a Cuisinart stick blender and this is preferable because the food is inside an enclosed container. It is distinctly a chopper and despite having a couple of blades, it really only takes things to a chopped or semi-pureed state. For what it is, it's a good and convenient little machine.

Choosing just one product was tough but I have to say that the mini chopper is one of the best gadgets that I have in my kitchen...I think every person should have one in the kitchen...I bought it at Shoprite for $5.00 and it works just as great as those more expensive brands...when it breaks or dulls in about 5 years or so, I just buy a new one, its so cheap...You would be surprised at how often you would use it and how handy it is...I would say i use this product the most out of all my other products!

I love my mini chopper. It comes in so handy to do small amounts of items without having to use a food processor.

I LOVE my mini chopper! I use it to make my bread crumbs for my meatballs. I just throw in two slices of bread and chop. Using the fresh bread instead of dry breadcrumbs adds so much moisture to my meatballs. I love it for onions too! My eyes stay dry! Easy clean up makes it my fav. kitchen tool!

I don't know how I lived so long without the B&D chopper! It is perfect for chopping small amounts of ingredients - herbs, veggies, especially onions, which make my eyes water so much - but I probably use it most for mincing garlic and for chopping nuts. It's easy to use - only one speed- and dishwasher-safe. I have had other types of choppers, but nothing compares to the ease of use and cleaning of the Black and Decker model.

I absolutely love this small chopper!! It saves me so much time chopping nuts, apples, onions, green peppers, cheeses, you name it, and so easy to use. I wouldn't be without it. It is reasonably priced and easy to store. It is much faster than some of the hand choppers I've tried and very easy to clean. i just put the washable parts in the dishwasher. I've had mine for six years now. Need a good chopper? Buy the Black and Decker. You won't be sorry

The Black and Decker Handy Chopper is the finest chopper someone could have. It's perfect for chopping things like garlic and onions, which we use a lot and cuts back on crying. :) It does a great job. Some choppers actually mince the food and that can create a problem, but not with the B&D Handy Chopper. It chops your food. Perfect for carrots and celery too. I love that it even chops our eggs for Chopped egg salad. It is a must to have in the kitchen.