Keurig Special Edition B60 Gourmet Single Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig Special Edition B60 Gourmet Single Serve Coffee Maker

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Keurig I had one if these years ago it was good but it got dirty really easy.

Good Not Great Product Like this Unit but feel if you don't use it daily seem to have a problem with it wanting to work so think there is a bit that can be improved so have had to replace my unit and don't use it on a daily basis

durable I gave this to my parents 5+ years ago and it's still running! My only complaint is that the water reserve is not as big as my keurig so you have to refill it more often.

Big saving and no need to go out to grab coffee! Thanks to this machine I'm able to get my single cup coffee every morning while working from home. No need to make a full pitcher, no need to do the daily cleanup. Best part is I can enjoy the coffee anytime I need, without even going to the shop at the corner. Thumb up!

Convenient This is so convenient when you have little time in the morning. The one thing I wish they would make is non plastic k cups.

Dies after a year I have gone through 3 keurig I love them when they work but they have a bad habit of going bad and at the cost they are just not worth it .

Coffee Lover pot I so miss mine. I loved how I could have different flavors of coffee and not have to make one huge pot to go to waste. I like the design of it as well. I cant wait to get me another one

Coffee addict I use my keurig coffee maker several times a day. I love the convenience of it and getting a freshly brewed, hot cup of coffee. I am not ashamed to say that I am a coffee addict. The variety of the K-cups are great too. Coffee, tea and hot cocoa have all been done with my keurig.

Love coffee. I am a coffee drinker to the extreme. I am also on the go a lot. This is an amazing coffee maker. I start it up when I'm getting ready in the morning and my coffee is ready to go. It's also easy to clean.

Love my Keurig! I have this Keurig and love it! Not everyone in my family likes to drink the same thing at the same time, so I found a larger pot of coffee going to waste. This way - my husband gets his flavored coffee, my son gets his hot chocolate and I get my regular coffee and everyone is happy and there is so much less waste. Plus it is piping hot!

does make quick hot coffee. but the cleaning system is not that great so its not the freshest coffee maker.

New Coffee Fan! I was a bit nervous about spending so much on a coffee maker as I was never much of a coffee drinker but now I am! This machine is so much more than a coffee brewer. I use it for tea, hot cocoa, soup, specialty drinks, hot water, and iced coffee. I have had this machine for over a year and it is so much fun trying different flavored coffee's and drinks. While the k-cups are expensive, a great option is the reusable pod that you fill with bagged coffee so it costs less. Love, love, love, this machine!!!

I've had mine for 4 years and it still works great!

I have an old one but love it and will need a new one soon.

I don't personally have one but I have one at work. It makes a lot of noise but I love all of the different flavors of tea I can make with this. I like that we do not have a big pot of stale coffee in the office and you can just make what you like when you like it. Would purchase for myself if they weren't so expensive.