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  • Emilatz91 By  Emilatz91    

    Love coffee.

    I am a coffee drinker to the extreme. I am also on the go a lot. This is an amazing coffee maker. I start it up when I?m getting ready in the morning and my coffee is ready to go. It?s also easy to clean.

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  • HollyKay1 By  HollyKay1    

    Love my Keurig!

    I have this Keurig and love it! Not everyone in my family likes to drink the same thing at the same time, so I found a larger pot of coffee going to waste. This way - my husband gets his flavored coffee, my son gets his hot chocolate and I get my regular coffee and everyone is happy and there is so much less waste. Plus it is piping hot!

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  • mebnme By  mebnme    

    does make quick hot coffee. but the cleaning system is not that great so its not the freshest coffee maker.

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  • MelissaSue By  MelissaSue    

    New Coffee Fan!

    I was a bit nervous about spending so much on a coffee maker as I was never much of a coffee drinker but now I am! This machine is so much more than a coffee brewer. I use it for tea, hot cocoa, soup, specialty drinks, hot water, and iced coffee. I have had this machine for over a year and it is so much fun trying different flavored coffee's and drinks. While the k-cups are expensive, a great option is the reusable pod that you fill with bagged coffee so it costs less. Love, love, love, this machine!!!

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  • Sigmaclas By  Sigmaclas    

    I've had mine for 4 years and it still works great!

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  • tigerjan62 By  tigerjan62    

    I have an old one but love it and will need a new one soon.

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  • pilarmarshall By  pilarmarshall    

    I don't personally have one but I have one at work. It makes a lot of noise but I love all of the different flavors of tea I can make with this. I like that we do not have a big pot of stale coffee in the office and you can just make what you like when you like it. Would purchase for myself if they weren't so expensive.

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  • busybeemom By  busybeemom    

    I have a different model at home and work, but you honestly can't go wrong with a Keurig. Super hot, nicely brewed cup of coffee every time. I resisted getting one, wasn't crazy about filling a corner of the landfill with my K-cups, but I use the strainer thing and buy my own coffee which works perfectly. I even brought one to work to use. Only thing I don't love is that when you try to use it for another cocoa or tea, it invariably tastes like coffee

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  • Lindsayw99 By  Lindsayw99    

    I used this product when I was a personal assistant for the two fancy ladies, I loved the machine and how easy it was to use. The only negative was you could only use their K-Cups.

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  • mrsbuckingham By  mrsbuckingham    

    I used this model for awhile now and love it!! It is much better than using a coffee pot and having all that extra coffee to waste

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  • whitesoxgirl72 By  whitesoxgirl72    

    Love my Keurig! I don't know how I lived without it before. There are so many different types of coffe and drinks to buy with it. I love sampling different coffee every day. Best coffee maker!

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  • Raynyc By  Raynyc    

    We have one at work very easy to use because we are in a fast pace environment its great to get a great cup of coffee that wont take a long time to brew i am saving to get one at home

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  • Srhoyle5150 By  Srhoyle5150    

    Could not live without my Keurig. Makes the best tasting coffee and so fast

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  • happyjack01 By  happyjack01    

    expensive at home as we drink a lot of coffee but its a wonderful convenience at work . our people love having a variety of flavors at their fingertips

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  • mimimissy By  mimimissy    

    My mom has one of these, I have made her coffee in it. Now, for me it would not do, I drink to much coffee. I know there are other uses for it and that if fine and I guess useful, but I myself would not own one. I have to follow a budget and this would so be out of my price range when it comes to buying all the coffee for it. It is just not for me.

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