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A Mother Denies Her Son Chemotherapy

on May 24, 2009: While I agree that treatment should be left up to the individual, in this case it is a child. He is not developmentally ready to make such a decision, and apparently his mother isn't either since she would rather try to treat cancer with vitamins and herbal remedies. What a nutjob. The chances…

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For His Eyes Only

on May 24, 2009: Hmmm....I MIGHT do this, but I would have to be in possession of the photos at all times! I am a prude, I know :)

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Oprah's Chicken Giveaway : Philanthropy or Hypocrisy?

on May 24, 2009: I am not surprised that PETA would have something to say about this. If you can use the free meal, great, if not, move on...why does everyone immediately want to complain about something? Get a life!!