For His Eyes Only

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For His Eyes Only
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When on the hunt for a gift to give to a significant other many women are now turning to something a little more scandalous than a necktie or sweater.  The trend of giving boudoir photographs to a loved one to celebrate a special occasion is growing.  Women across the country are stepping in front of the camera to show their sexy side to mates.

A wedding website called recently reported on the growing boudoir trend, especially among new brides.  The boudoir photo has become a popular wedding day gift for the groom.  During the photo session women will either wear a sexy negligee or nothing at all.

For the modest at heart this may sound a lot more risqué than it actually is.  TheKnot describes the style of photography as “classic pinup-inspired pics” with “implied nudes”.  In other words, you’re covered in all the right places with poses often taken from the back or lying on your stomach.

If the idea of posing for these types of pictures makes you nervous TheKnot offers a couple tips to loosen you up for the shoot.  Bringing along a close girlfriend can liven up the atmosphere, plus you can rely on her for ideas or suggestions on what to wear and how to pose. Having a glass of champagne in the studio or hotel room may help to relax you before it’s time to give your sultriest pose.

It’s not difficult these days to find a photographer who specializes in this type of photography.  Wedding photographers have begun to offer the boudoir photo session as an addition to the wedding package.  They will even arrange for the photos to be bound into a mini album for the husband-to-be.

What do you think of the growing boudoir photo trend among new brides?

Is this something you might consider giving a loved one to celebrate a
special occasion?

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  • momagarry By momagarry

    My husband would be thrilled with this gift.

  • countrycouponclipper By countrycouponclipper

    If I was covered and it was done tastfully and takin buy a woman, I wouldnt have any problem with it but if it was nude I would say no, you wouldnt want it to get in the wrong hands or if the relationship doesn't work people do mean things out of anger but I would do a vintage looking picture but I wouldnt have anything hanging out thats for sure

  • kimvoloshin By kimvoloshin

    Love it, already made some my husband loved the gift.

  • staraceli By staraceli

    I am engaged and really want to take boudoir pictures and give them to my fiance as a wedding gift. The pictures are meant to be classy and intimate. :)

  • mrsvedaj By mrsvedaj

    I think it's awesome! I did this for my husband for Christmas a couple years ago & he LOVED it!

  • rockermom By rockermom

    HELL YEAH I WOULD! i am a mother of two and have been with my man for 5yrs and were still not married we might as well be (dam gave him 2 kids and sait on him hand and foot but i like it!) so when im asked the question i say yah you could say that! but nyways, i work out and watch what i eat i fell good about myself but i don't always get to let brian see the sassy side of me (ohhh lalal) with two kids so this is a great way to do it! and i love the idea of doing this for a gift for your groom! or even an aniversary cuz u know it gets kinda rountine and borring so this would be a great way to spice things up again! and remember all women are beautiful so get out their and get some nudy pics taken! girl power!

  • sbfair By sbfair

    What loving husband-to-be wouldn't love a beautiful picture of his bride?!

  • milly79 By milly79

    as long as your man loves your body i think its better to try it out than for him to try and get it else where.

  • adens_mommy77 By adens_mommy77

    I agree with the comments above about liking the fact that if your husband wants something to look at it can be of his wife! Not a porn mag full of women he'll never meet which will only alter his expectations of his wife and her body. I think it would be a very special gift to give a husband. (Given that both parties are comfortable with it.)

  • luckyemmala By luckyemmala

    There was a feature on our local news here in upstate SC,of a female photographer that specialized in boudoir photos. Me being a wife of almost 5 yrs, is really considering doing this for my husband for our upcoming anniversary. I think the idea is great! And besides, I'd rather have the photos done now before my body gets any worse.

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