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Target Wants Kids With Disabilities To Take Part on All the Halloween Fun

on Oct 19, 2019: THESE ARE SO AWESOME! I see a ton of cosplays super creative ad fun like this, too! This is great, and as always, good on Target for the inclusion!

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A Lady Bond? Pierce Brosnan Says It's a Woman's Turn To Play the Iconic Role

on Oct 19, 2019: James Bond is already an established character in both the novels and the films. You wouldn't make Lara Croft a male, so why make James Bond a female? 007 is a codename, but James Bond is not. There are other things they could do like passing on the 007 role, but Bond is Bond.

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Halloween Candy With a Delicious Twist. Plus, Win a $75 Gift Card: #SheSpeaksHalloween giveaway

on Oct 19, 2019: Take 5 is my favourite candy bar! I do wish it were easier to find overall and hadn't had such a complex reception! Hopefully it'll get enough Love this time around to stick! Sour Skittles are also hella good! Haven't seen them around in a while, either, but I have the same wish for them!