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Hormel Compleats Kids Beef Ravioli

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Hormel Compleats Kids Pasta & Chicken

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What Do Your Favorite Comfort Foods Say About You?

on Nov 15, 2009: I'm a Mid Atlantic/Southerner Gen Xer and my favorite comfort food in the whole world is Brunswick stew. Next to that is mustard greens. Clam chowder, also. Love stews and hearty soups, and home cooked veggies, especially various greens.

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Motherhood and Makeup: What's Your Take

on Sep 04, 2009: I totally agree, Nataly. I wear makeup every day. I do it for me. I also feel better if I believe I look better. Also, it's rather nice every morning to hear my daughters tell me that I look beautiful. And my husband really takes notice. I never wear the same "look" twice for my makeup. I …

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Salvage That Perfect Pair Of Jeans

on Aug 24, 2009: I think it is a nice idea, but not one I would ever use. I'm not that partial about my jeans. I seem to always find a brand available at a decent price that has a style of jean that makes me feel awesome.