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What Do Your Favorite Comfort Foods Say About You?

What Do Your Favorite Comfort Foods Say About You?

I recently read a summary of a report by the Center for Culinary Development (CCD) that discussed trends in generational comfort foods.  The idea that different generations might crave different comfort foods fascinated me, so I decided to create my own informal poll examining both generational and regional influence on comfort foods. 

My survey was simple.  I asked people to identify: their generation, their favorite comfort food, and where they were raised.  In all, I received nearly 100 responses from around the country.   

"West Coasters had a desire for Mexican and Asian food. Southerners often mentioned baked goods like cookies or biscuits. "

So, here are the results of my little poll.  When it comes to comfort foods; starches and fats topped the list.  In general we crave pasta, potatoes, and cheese, most of all.  Sweets, including ice cream, cookies, and chocolate, are a close second. 

In terms of generational influence, Baby Boomers seemed to long for foods that remind them of their childhoods; home-cooked comfort.  High among the results were casseroles, stews, and roasted meals. 

Gen Xers hungered for grilled cheese sandwiches, potatoes in all forms - from mashed to chips - and pastas.  They were also more likely to mention Mexican foods like burritos, tacos and nachos than other generations.

Gen Yers craved convenience foods like pizza, cookies, and chips, but continued the international food trend with Asian dishes like sushi and miso soup.

I didn’t find huge generational trends from region to region.  However, there were regional generalities. I found that Easterners liked belly-warming dishes like pastas, stews, and soups.  Midwesterners were fond of sweets and potatoes, particularly mashed potatoes and gravy.  West Coasters had a desire for Mexican and Asian food.  Southerners often mentioned baked goods like cookies or biscuits. 

So what was the most mentioned comfort food of all?  Macaroni and Cheese, of course.  

What are some of your favorite comfort foods?


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  • pjclayton57 By pjclayton57

    I'm so glad to see that Mac and Cheese made the top of the list! I love it. Other comfort foods of mine are homemade sauce, soups and stews, pizza and, of course, homemade baked products such as pies! Chocolate is more of a standard food item for me, but could be classified as a comfort food! I found it interesting the differences in comfort food based on age and region; but it really was no surprise. I have many fond memories of being in my grandmother's kitchen and that has enhanced my love of cooking and food in general. Rather than the saying "we are what we eat", perhaps it should be "we eat what we are"! Thanks for sharing this article!

  • aimeeroo By aimeeroo

    How interesting! I guess I am a typical GenXer because those are my favorites. :)

  • loli1707 By loli1707

    Goowy Cheesy PIZZA!! yumm

  • kellijac By kellijac

    Mexican food, now thats where I'm at. :)

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    I like Mexican food... it's the only thing I can taste when I'm sick.

  • ChinaCita By ChinaCita

    im with kellijac, i love mexican food! but im from georgia...i love a big plate of collard greens mixed with cornbread and hot sauce.

  • jlincon71 By jlincon71

    I have to agree i love mexican food!

  • has1kat By has1kat

    Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate... I just love it anyway it's fixed!

  • wythout By wythout

    Midwesterner! Mashed potatoes and gravy! So true!


    Apparently I'm a mixed bag, as I go for casseroles (Baby Boomer), hearty soups (Easterner), Doritoes (Gen Y), and pie (which wasn't anywhere, but should be). And I'm a Gen Y from the South!

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