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Keeping It Hush Hush

on Feb 05, 2010: I had never given much thought on this subject until I met a dog who had this procedure. He visited the dog part where we take our dog. The dog spent a lot of time "barking," but due to complications, he was easily out of breath. His owner had gotten him from a shelter, and was very against the pr…

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What to Wear When You're Traveling

on Feb 05, 2010: I like the leggings idea. I have a difficult time traveling in sweats because I feel sloppy. With Leggings you can kind of be a little dressy, yet very comfy.

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What Do Your Favorite Comfort Foods Say About You?

on Jan 27, 2010: I eat when I am upset... I will eat anything I can get my hands on. Candy... cookies... pizza. Ummm...