What to Wear When You're Traveling

   By shefinds  Feb 03, 2010

Getting from Point A to Point B just isn’t the adventure it used to be...and if you accidentally throw on the wrong outfit before you leave Point A, it can be kind of a nightmare., Travel clothes are all about towing the line between loungewear and a pulled-together, appropriate-in-public outfit - below, find our four steps to a comfy but still very respectable travel outfit.


Black or denim leggings - while no, they are not pants - are a good compromise between sweats and real bottoms when you’ll be sitting on a plane or in a car for a ton of hours in a row.

Flat Boots

We love flat boots for travel for two reasons: Many varieties are a cinch to slip on and off (plus you’ll have socks on underneath to shield your skin from icky airport floors), and they pull together outfits based around stretchy, plane-friendly pants in a way that ballet flats or flip-flops can’t.

Layers, Layers, Layers

The trick to making leggings act like real pants is piling layers on top of them - plus, this is a perfect opportunity to figure out how to wear a boyfriend cardigan if you’ve purchased one but still aren’t sure. Just layer a long tank, a boyfriend cardigan or sweater coat, and a light, wrap-like scarf over your leggings-and-flat-boots look and voila, you’ve got a pulled-together outfit that can take you from frigid New York City streets straight to the cab line outside the Puerto Rico airport.

Two Big Bags

Since you’re basically not allowed to check luggage anymore without promising to name your first born after an airline, we suggest you take both an overnight bag and a really big tote on the plane. One is your "carry-on," and one is your "personal item."  This way, if there’s not quite enough room for all the essentials in your "suitcase," you can pack the overflow in your chicly enormous handbag.

How do you travel in style?

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christywills by christywills | brooklyn park, MN
Feb 20, 2010

I pack everything! It seems like I always forget something important though.

12rncrandall by 12rncrandall | Elwood, IN
Feb 07, 2010

It seems as if, when you travel, you bring EVERYTHING along.

jul516 by jul516 | Palatka, FL
Feb 07, 2010

I just had a nice weekend out of town meeting a girlfriend and although I try to travel light, it never happens that way. The layers is the way to go though. I started with a packpack type purse then had all these extras to juggle around so went with a larger tote. It's so much easier to strap a big tote around your shoulder and have everything in one place.

carla4u by carla4u | NEW CASTLE, DE
Feb 07, 2010


pjclayton57 by pjclayton57 | Oceanport, NJ
Feb 06, 2010

When I travel to see family, I pack my things in those vacuum bags to that I can pack a lot and it takes up very little space. This way I can repack them for the way home too since they have a vaccum handy!!! I have learned to pack less and do a load of laundry too while I am there. I like leggings and skirts...you can dress them up or down, depending on the occassion. If I find that I need to pack more, I ship a box the day or two before so that it gets there by the time I arrive....this helps to save on the rising costs of checking bags.

CindyF by CindyF | AMSTON, CT
Feb 06, 2010

I like the tote idea instead of a purse. I did that on my last trip..I brought a large tote bag and used it as a purse. I also brought lots of granola bars in case of delays

HJFinnie by HJFinnie | Ypsilanti, MI
Feb 05, 2010

I like the leggings idea. I have a difficult time traveling in sweats because I feel sloppy. With Leggings you can kind of be a little dressy, yet very comfy.

msfriendly by msfriendly | MONROE, WI
Feb 04, 2010

Layers...always a great idea. A REALLY big tote/purse is another item that I don't leave home without!

MadHatter by MadHatter | Whitestone , NY
Feb 04, 2010

i always find it hard to pack when i travel because i like to travel when the weather where i live is bad and the weather to where i want to go is great great great! i find this article to be somewhat helpful but then to those who don't like leggings, its a little tough. i always bring one carry on and also a duffle bag or a book bag when i travel. the check in baggages are rediculous now. Flight rules are also always changing so now, there is more stuff to leave out of the luggage when traveling. sigh...