Salvage That Perfect Pair Of Jeans

   By drodriguez  Aug 23, 2009

For many of us, the perfect pair of jeans may only come once or twice in a lifetime.  You know the ones, they fit like a glove and make you feel like a million bucks every time you wear them.  That’s why it’s always so difficult to toss them when they have become torn or just plain worn out.  Fortunately, you may be able to keep them out of the trash a little longer.

Denim Therapy is a service that is gaining popularity among those that want to hold onto their favorite pair of jeans as long as possible.  This may be especially helpful to those who spend lots of money on designer jeans and want a quick and affordable fix.  Denim Therapy repairs the damaged jeans they receive from their customers and ships them back with a typical turn around of about two weeks. 

The service takes care of every problem from tears to broken zippers to belt loop stitching.  And they don’t just throw a patch over it.  They match the color exactly before applying new cotton thread to the damaged area.  According to the Denim Therapy website, the typical cost of repairing a pair of jeans is about $7 an inch which, depending on the size of the damage, can be relatively inexpensive as compared to buying a new pair.

And there’s some good news for expectant moms.  You may not have to rush out and get yourself brand new maternity jeans.  Denim Therapy has a new service that takes your old jeans and inserts expandable side inseams to allow for your growing baby bump.  And they will even take the inseams back out and restore the jeans to their original state after the baby is born and you slim down to your original shape.

What do you think of Denim Therapy?

Do you think this is a service you would consider using on your favorite pair of jeans?

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joy9281 by joy9281 | TOLEDO, OH
Nov 26, 2009


briarrose by briarrose | Chicago, IL
Sep 24, 2009

We will definitely be using this in my household... not for me, though... for my husband! He gets so attached to his jeans, and I don't have the patience (or the time) to fix them.

Sep 17, 2009

For expensive jeans, this would make an invaluable service. However, if your jeans are from Walmart ect., then no it is not worth the cost. I might as well go and pick out a new pair of jeans as the store for a little bit more.

countrycouponclipper by countrycouponclipper | Supply, NC
Sep 15, 2009

I would try to fix it my self and wear them in the garden or to just wear around the house or painting. I wouldnt pay to have them repaired I would look into a recycling service like the people that make insilation <~ sorry cant spell today.

just_me3400 by just_me3400 | Bakersfield, CA
Sep 12, 2009

I can see where this might be useful for someone who has the perfect pair of jeans and can not stand the thought of not being able to wear them any more. I, unfortunately, have not found the perfect fitting jeans.

Jcbuser by Jcbuser | WINDSOR, CO
Sep 11, 2009

Like many of you, I too think this is a interesting service, but my jeans generally do not cost over $69.00, and I do my best to keep them looking good and lasting longer by properly laundering them. When I found the great style for me - I bought several pairs. So I probably wouldn't use the service.

raggedyanne89 by raggedyanne89 | Provo, UT
Sep 07, 2009

I also think it seems like a waste of money unless you buy really expensive jeans. I generally try to keep my jeans at least under $40 and, although I am not a master seamstress, I can sew well enough to mend my jeans.

kathym by kathym | Everett, WA
Sep 06, 2009

I wouldn't use it. I think it's too expensive. I usualy shop sales and clearance so my jeans aren't really that expensive. If I had an expensive pair that I particularly liked I might consider it, but this is just too expensive for what I have.

JaimeNJacob by JaimeNJacob | MIDDLEBURG, FL
Sep 06, 2009

I personally wouldn't use it. I don't think it's very cost effective. Whenever i get a pair of jeans that shows too much wear I recycle them into something else: capri's, shorts, patches and make pillows and purses out of them!

auntiero61 by auntiero61 | KANAB, UT
Sep 05, 2009

many jeans are expensive these days and a program like this is very helpful to many. I find it very hard to get that perfect fit with jeans, I want them to last a long time. Since sewing is not something I do, this is a great service to offer.

shannonsmith by shannonsmith | Riverdale, UT
Sep 05, 2009

Being overweight, I'm picky about how my jeans fit. When I find a pair I think I look good in, I want to cry when they are damaged to the point I can't wear them. I would certainly give this service a try to see if it was cost effective enough against buying a new pair, and not having to deal with dressing rooms and finding a new pair.

Whitestar by Whitestar | Bloomfield Hills, MI
Sep 04, 2009

It sounds like a good idea for small damage. My question is, does the repair show? I have some favorite clothes I don't like parting with, and eventually they become my Saturday morning clothes once they reach the point where they're so ratty no one else can stand to look at them, but I just love them. Soft, perfect fit, favorite color, good memories attached to them...I wish they could restore other items too, like a sweatshirt that got bleached.

amymaow by amymaow | FULLERTON, CA
Sep 03, 2009

That is the greatest thing I have ever seen! Wish I knew about it years ago.

renkeichan by renkeichan | Colonial Heights, VA
Sep 03, 2009

Sounds like a neat idea, but even though I buy moderatly priced jeans (not over $55) I can usually wear them for years before they are a total disaster and my mom (or daughter) is asking me to stop wearing them! If i was to have any more babies I would be interested in the expansion service, but I am happily done with my 3 girls!

msphiiia by msphiiia | san francisco, CA
Sep 03, 2009

Honestly sounds like a waste of money. Clothes go through its wear and tear, and eventually its on to a new one. I mean the only reason I would find it to be a good idea is if the jeans my childs "lucky" jeans.