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e.l.f. Cosmetics Shimmering Facial Whip Lil…

e.l.f. Cosm… Rating

Your rating: 2.0
Oct 25, 2012 : I still have this product and use it occasionally ... it is alright... I have never used it all ov…

Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pome…

Burt's Bees… Rating

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Oct 25, 2012 : Love this product, very moisturizing. The most recent one I purchased was the shimmer one and I ac…

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Vote Now to Help SheSpeaks Ring the New York Stock Exchange Bell & A Chance to Join Us!

on May 10, 2012: I liked and voted for SheSpeaks on Facebook! :) I am thrilled about their "public service." Not only does SheSpeaks provide a great service for us female consumers before we purchase a product, but also informs us of each pro and con of new (and old) products on the market! This way we are able to…
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Paula Deen "In Bad Taste"?

on Jan 19, 2012: Seriously, people need to get a grip and relax. There are much more important things in the world happening that require much more concern! So what if she promotes butter and lard! To each their own! She is not forcing down your throat, and in all reality, we all know that it does make it more del…
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The Winter Food Guide

on Feb 10, 2010: I just had to comment on your statement about walking through the grocery store isles and being oh so dissapointed with an empty feeling seeing all those "pale anemic" fruits and vegetables! I could not agree with you more! Thanks for the great article!
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