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Facebook Study Shows Women Are Warmer and More Assertive Than Men

on Sep 21, 2016: It's a good study but it all depends on that person not their gender.Everyone is different.I know women who are a little "rough around the edges" and talk as if a man would and men who are a little more softer who speak in a more feminine tone.

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Planning Your Perfect Wedding? Actress Kristen Bell Proves Why Money Doesn't Matter

on Sep 21, 2016: I like their idea! My wedding was also simple but I will remember it for a long time.With smaller more intimate weddings in my opinion you have more fun and it's more intimate.You don't have to worry about the cost and expenses afterwards.

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Texting and Driving Don't Mix, But What About Social Media Use?

on Sep 21, 2016: Smartphones and driving are a huge issue.I have seen so many people of all ages not paying attention and on their phone.One instance going home,I was a passenger while my husband drove and a young man was on his phone and went into our lane...Thank goodness was husband had a quick reaction and the…