Kraft ShakeN Bake for Chicken

Kraft ShakeN Bake for Chicken

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In our house we love Shake and Bake dinner nights. I have been using it for years. It is super quick and easy to throw dinner together and it always comes out tasting great. I would definitely recommend shake and bake.

This is amazing to use on Chicken.The flavor pairs very well with any side.I add a potato of some sort and veggie with my chicken and that is dinner.It's so easy to make as well.

In our house we love shake and bake. We use it on chicken and pork. We like using it on boneless cuts of meat since it locks in the juices. We like the original blend to serve with macaroni and cheese and veggies! Yummy!

I used Shake N Bake. I have even used this on my pork chops as well as my chicken. It is amazing and my family loves it.

Even cooks with just basic skills can make a delicious meal by using shake and bake. It's a quick and easy dinner for your family. I love the taste of this product. Chicken can be some bland but this add a lot of flavor and it is healthy since it is baked.

I used Shake N Bake for years when I made chicken but have only recently started using it again. I forgot how easy and convenient it is to use. It's also much healthier to bake chicken than it is to fry it. I've found that the Shake N Bake Original for Chicken is also delicious on Pork Chops. I made a meatloaf last week and used a packet of Shake N Bake in place of 3/4 of the bread crumbs I normally use. It worked great as a binder but also gave the meatloaf a delicious flavor. My family raved about that meatloaf !