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  • BellaBella2 By  BellaBella2    

    good vodka sauce

    I like it, my boyfriend doesn't. It's good if you like vodka sauce. Not the best I've ever had but great for home

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  • shonvic1981 By  shonvic1981    

    I love this brand and my family loved this sauce. It's hearty and affordable.

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  • Jdayton01 By  Jdayton01    

    Just like a restaurant

    I have an Italian restaurant that has a vodka sauce that is to die for, so I thought I would try this product out. I really liked it, very good, flavorable sauce. Even my picky kids and husband love this sauce.

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  • Awall22 By  Awall22    

    It's an ok sauce.I am Italian so I am used to home made.But since I work and I am tired when I go home,this is my alternative.It pairs great with chicken as well.I use it on Angel hair and place a piece of Chicken on top.

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  • PoconoMacMomma By  PoconoMacMomma    

    This is a great sauce when you are in a hurry. family does however like my home made better

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  • dcarter56 By  dcarter56    

    I think that the sauce had a good hearty taste to it. My family loves it.

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  • snudes1953 By  snudes1953    

    Sexy sauce...

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  • Xxtine13 By  Xxtine13    

    I only use this brand of sauces. All the others seam to taste fake/too much like a store brand. This sauce tastes just like a restaurant kind. Bottle it up and I'll keep buying it! Plus BJ's sells them and the price is great!

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  • Honeybadgertami By  Honeybadgertami    

    Great sauce alone or with a little ground italian sausage.

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  • ShellM4 By  ShellM4    

    It is okay for a quick need sauce but I rather make my own when I have the time.

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  • jlwagner By  jlwagner    

    My family loves this sauce. The variety of blends gives a nice change from the ordinary tomato sauce.

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  • lkats16 By  lkats16    

    I like this brand as opposed to others. It's delicious and affordable. Makes great chicken penne alla vodka!

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  • kayvigh_36 By  kayvigh_36    

    Such a great sauce! Put in a little chicken and some noodles and you're done, which is great. A lot of other sauces you have to add things to get it to taste right but this is perfect.

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  • huntercat By  huntercat    

    made it for my family and they loved it

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  • KREW12 By  KREW12    

    Not my favorite sauce was to strong!

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