Bertolli Vodka Sauce

Bertolli Vodka Sauce

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I bought this when it was on sale. I've had delicious vodka sauces before, but this stuff made me gag. I actually threw out the rest of it, AND the pasta I'd put it over.

I like bertolli but do not like this sauce at all..maybe also not a fan of vodka sauce..

Vodka sauce should have a "bite" to it. This one doesn't. I love some of their other sauces though.

It was ok but not quite what expected. But I would buy it again. tangy.

Oooh, I cooked with this at work.... I made a salmon a la vodka. very tasty!

It is okay for a quick need sauce but I rather make my own when I have the time.

i was alright with the sauce. i thought it was a little salty, but then that was just my opinon of it.

Such a great sauce! Put in a little chicken and some noodles and you're done, which is great. A lot of other sauces you have to add things to get it to taste right but this is perfect.

Not my favorite sauce was to strong!

Very good pasta sauce! can be used in multipul recipies, however it does have a aquired tast to it....i happen to love it!

This is a great sauce when you are in a hurry. family does however like my home made better

It's an ok sauce.I am Italian so I am used to home made.But since I work and I am tired when I go home,this is my alternative.It pairs great with chicken as well.I use it on Angel hair and place a piece of Chicken on top.

I only use this brand of sauces. All the others seam to taste fake/too much like a store brand. This sauce tastes just like a restaurant kind. Bottle it up and I'll keep buying it! Plus BJ's sells them and the price is great!

good vodka sauce I like it, my boyfriend doesn't. It's good if you like vodka sauce. Not the best I've ever had but great for home

made it for my family and they loved it