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Boca Original Meatless Chicken Nugget

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thinkThin Crunch, Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nut

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Extreme Couponing: Fact or Fiction?

on Jun 16, 2011: In NYC no store allows you to double paper coupons like they do on the show.And they started to get way more aware of what you give them.My store actually starts to check if i really bought the item the coupon indicates. I also realized my store for example doesnt mark the sales in the aisles ,or …

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Who's To Blame For A Surge In Childhood Obesity? Members Weigh In

on Jun 16, 2011: I believe parents are to blame as well as the industries. Kids these days dont even know what real food taste like.I've been watching alot of food documentations like food inc etc and also Jamie Olivers food revolution and it shows that we let the industrie control what we eat. Parents should be m…

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Forced To Be Physically Fit

on Dec 08, 2009: I believe its not such a bad idea because some ppl struggle alone to lose the weight or dont have support at home this is a way to help em get into excersise and stuff and once they in the will, keep it up.If its optional how many will attent? i wouldnt see it as discrimination because some ppl ne…