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  • potomac0610 By  potomac0610    

    This bar has a suprisingly delicious taste and it keeps both the hunger and sweet cravings at bay. This is the perfect pre or post workout snack- it is just enough to keep you going. I am currently 6 months pregnant and the chocolate dipped mixed nut has been a lifesaver when my salty/sweet cravings kick in without sending me into a sugar overload.

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    This is one of my favorite bars. Love the coconut one too. A little pricey tho.

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  • lovesanfrancisco By  lovesanfrancisco    

    I purchased these snacks at WholeFoods , there is a 1$ off one in their coupon magazine. I loved them, there are so many crunchy nuts and the layer of chocolate makes them a nice little treat.

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  • StormieMom By  StormieMom    

    I did not try this as I do not like the nuts that were in it but my husband ate it and liked it.

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  • aolstad By  aolstad    

    Delish! I would purchase more of these. Kept my hunger at bay and was satisfying. I was surprised at how good it tasted.

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  • BuddyCamp By  BuddyCamp    

    YUMMY, filling and convenient! This bar satisfied my hunger, it tasted really good and I will definitely buy again and recommend to others!

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  • snavarre By  snavarre    

    Very good bar. Tast great & good for you. I will buy

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  • stepsal By  stepsal    

    I thought this taste delicious. There was just enough chocolate, and I loved the crunchiness. It also wasn't too chewy.

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  • Whiskers1327 By  Whiskers1327    

    This flavor was great. I enjoyed the taste and texture. The wrapper is not to appealing but I tried it. I would buy again.

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  • evienyc By  evienyc    

    I was initially skeptical about this bar, thinking it would either taste like cardboard or have that fake sugar flavor like so many other diet or protein bars, but was pleasantly surprised when I bit into it. It was so delicious! Almost like eating a candy bar... that's good for you! Would definitely go buy more.

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  • Page55 By  Page55    

    Excellent taste and very filling! I could easily see adding these to my regular meal/snacks. Great for keeping in a desk drawer and eating for lunch with some fruit or veggies. Sometimes it is difficult to take lunch on a very busy day and I like the convenience, nutrients, and taste of the ThinkThin bars. I appreciate the 0 sugars and gluten free aspects of the bars also. No food dyes either.

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  • marykerbie By  marykerbie    

    I really like this bar! Wasn't to sweet, just the right size, makes you satisfied. I love nuts and this is a great bar. If you do.

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  • sharmeh By  sharmeh    

    Gave this to my sister, because I cant eat nuts. She said it was really tasty and she would like to get more. Thanks for letting her try it.

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    It's so good that I can't belive it's not bad for you.

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  • LisaFromMT By  LisaFromMT    

    I liked this bar - it wasn't too much like the other bar that came with my Cravebox. I was able to eat it with an orange and a side salad, and it made a perfect lunch. I don't like bars that completely replace veggie nutrition, and this bar offered just the right amount of protein to keep my hunger at bay.

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