thinkThin Crunch, Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nut

thinkThin Crunch, Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nut

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It's so good that I can't belive it's not bad for you.

This bar has a suprisingly delicious taste and it keeps both the hunger and sweet cravings at bay. This is the perfect pre or post workout snack- it is just enough to keep you going. I am currently 6 months pregnant and the chocolate dipped mixed nut has been a lifesaver when my salty/sweet cravings kick in without sending me into a sugar overload.

This is one of my favorite bars. Love the coconut one too. A little pricey tho.

I purchased these snacks at WholeFoods , there is a 1$ off one in their coupon magazine. I loved them, there are so many crunchy nuts and the layer of chocolate makes them a nice little treat.

Delish! I would purchase more of these. Kept my hunger at bay and was satisfying. I was surprised at how good it tasted.

YUMMY, filling and convenient! This bar satisfied my hunger, it tasted really good and I will definitely buy again and recommend to others!

Very good bar. Tast great & good for you. I will buy

I thought this taste delicious. There was just enough chocolate, and I loved the crunchiness. It also wasn't too chewy.

This flavor was great. I enjoyed the taste and texture. The wrapper is not to appealing but I tried it. I would buy again.

Excellent taste and very filling! I could easily see adding these to my regular meal/snacks. Great for keeping in a desk drawer and eating for lunch with some fruit or veggies. Sometimes it is difficult to take lunch on a very busy day and I like the convenience, nutrients, and taste of the ThinkThin bars. I appreciate the 0 sugars and gluten free aspects of the bars also. No food dyes either.

I really like this bar! Wasn't to sweet, just the right size, makes you satisfied. I love nuts and this is a great bar. If you do.

Gave this to my sister, because I cant eat nuts. She said it was really tasty and she would like to get more. Thanks for letting her try it.

I definitely enjoyed this one especially over the peanut butter one. There was a nice variety of nuts. Loved the balance of salty nuts and dark chocolate. I nice pick me up in the late afternoon. Will definitely be buying this one in the future.

This had a great crunch and a delicious flavor. Not only was it healthy it was DELICIOUS! I can't wait to buy my first box full of these. I ate this when I got home from work as an in between meals snack, I found it to be satisfying and not quite filling but it still had the right effect, taking the edge of hunger off between meals.

This bar had a really great flavor! Complete opposite opinion from the other flavor (peanut butter) I received. I like that they are gluten free and they state it on the package. Nice healthy alternative to protein bars. I would purchase this one.