thinkThin Crunch, Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nut

thinkThin Crunch, Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nut

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I like the nuts and the chocolate in this bar, but do not care for it in general. I shared this with my husband and he wouldn't go past the first bite. It's better than the peanut butter one for sure, but still not enough to make me go out and buy it.

I've been a big fan of protein / meal replacement bars, since I live a lot of life on the go. However, I found the Crunch Chocolate bar pretty dry for my taste. Maybe too many nuts, not enough sweet to take the edge off. But overall, not too bad.

I was initially skeptical about this bar, thinking it would either taste like cardboard or have that fake sugar flavor like so many other diet or protein bars, but was pleasantly surprised when I bit into it. It was so delicious! Almost like eating a candy bar... that's good for you! Would definitely go buy more.

I liked this bar - it wasn't too much like the other bar that came with my Cravebox. I was able to eat it with an orange and a side salad, and it made a perfect lunch. I don't like bars that completely replace veggie nutrition, and this bar offered just the right amount of protein to keep my hunger at bay.

This tasted great unlike the peanut butter one that was gross! I would purchase this & love how much protein it has for a healthy snack.

I hadn't had this flavor of think thin bar, but thoroughly enjoyed it. I scarfed it down as soon as I opened the box and I was not unhappy. The nuts gave it a more natural flavor and sensation than some of the other think thin bars, which I appreciated.

I liked this bar and will purchase again in the future.

I did not try this as I do not like the nuts that were in it but my husband ate it and liked it.

These have 60% less sugar and 2x more protein than other fruit and nut bars. I can't believe it! They taste so good and are gluten free! They are sweet and nutty.

Definitly like this flavor bar better than the peanut butter one. I could eat this one without gagging, or washing it down with a giant glass of milk. I'm not a person who eats many protein bars but this one is one of the best tasting ones I've had.

Delish! I would purchase more of these. Kept my hunger at bay and was satisfying. I was surprised at how good it tasted.

I purchased these snacks at WholeFoods , there is a 1$ off one in their coupon magazine. I loved them, there are so many crunchy nuts and the layer of chocolate makes them a nice little treat.

This is one of my favorite bars. Love the coconut one too. A little pricey tho.

YUMMY, filling and convenient! This bar satisfied my hunger, it tasted really good and I will definitely buy again and recommend to others!

Very good bar. Tast great & good for you. I will buy