Texting and Driving Don't Mix, But What About Social Media Use?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 03, 2016

Though campaigns discouraging teens from talking and texting while driving have become widespread, parents say there are other just as dangerous distractions our kids are taking part in behind the wheel. Social media apps like Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are just a few of the sites distracting teens behind the wheel. And add to that the latest insanely popular gaming app Pokemon Go and you have a recipe for reckless driving.

CNN reports about smartphone use behind the wheel and how texting is not the only distraction smartphones provide while teens drive. Car accidents involving teens playing Pokemon Go while driving have already been reported across the country.

Jennifer Smith is a mother of two and founder of the organization called StopDistractions.org. Smith, who lost her mother when she was hit by a 20 year old talking on a cell phone 8 years ago, explains how times are changing and it’s not just texting or talking to friends on the phone that we have to worry about. Smith says, “As I'm talking to new families, more and more of them are telling me, 'It's Snapchat’.It's Snapchat today, but then what is it tomorrow? You know, we've got the 'Pokemon Go' coming, and then it's the next thing.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that teens are aware of the dangers looking at social media can pose while driving. Liberty Mutual Insurance and Students Against Destructive Decisions recently released a very telling survey. While 29% ranked driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs to be the most dangerous activity behind the wheel and 25% ranked writing or sending a text - only 6% believe that posting on social media while driving to be most dangerous.

And another survey by the National Safety Council shows just how prevalent social media use while driving can be. Out of 2,400 drivers of all ages, a whopping 74% they would use Facebook while driving, 37% would use Twitter, 35% would use YouTube and 33% would use Instagram. Matt Boeve, who lost his wife when she was hit by a driver paying a bill on a smartphone while driving, explains that people need to get serious about cutting out their phone use while driving. Boeve says, “People think that it won't happen to them. That's the just way it is. It's sad. We have to retrain ourselves to think that ... no text or phone call is worth putting someone through this.”

What do you think about the dangers of smartphone use while driving?

Are you tempted to look at your phone while behind the wheel?

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country2u2 by country2u2 | PLEASANT HILL, MO
Sep 30, 2016

give them tickets big fat tickets 1,000 they stop doing it. I had a woman texting driving on my side of the road. she looked away from her texting just as I was going to hit the dich she pulled to her side of road into the big dich. I told the cops where she was at what kind of car, and that she was texting when she eat the ditch. no I did not stop and ask her if she was ok.

Awall22 by Awall22 | MAHOPAC, NY
Sep 21, 2016

Smartphones and driving are a huge issue.I have seen so many people of all ages not paying attention and on their phone.One instance going home,I was a passenger while my husband drove and a young man was on his phone and went into our lane...Thank goodness was husband had a quick reaction and there was no accident.The distractions all started back with the radio knob and now it's the phone.People really need to think before they act and not only think about themselves but others who are also on the road.I think that more real life videos of crashes would maybe steer the younger generation in a better way..But its the person not the age,since I have seen older people as well on their phone.