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I feel that even if they posted a calorie count on the food, its not even accurate. I ordered a steak and pepper wrap and i can feel the oil dripping out from the order. it was just gross. Apple bee's has been going lower and lower on my list of places i would go eat out in. i have stayed away from them for over 5 years until 2 months ago when my friend wanted to grab a quick bite to eat, i am not planning on going back.

Never go here because they have okay food and crappy service.

I have been to multiple Applebee's in different states and the servers always mess up on my food. They have the nice 2 for $20 deal but the food isn't that great.

The service was slow, the food was burnt and so not worth themoney

I do not like Applebee's. I was there with a friend so we ordered the $20 special for 2. The steak was so tough and too well done. My friend asked for French fries without salt. The fries came with salt. She told the waitress who said no problem. A big basked of fries came that were good. However when the bill came we were charged for the fries-another $5 added. I have been to this type of restaurant in the past like Chill's TGIF and they were much better. Would not go to an Applebee's again and don't recommend it to anyone!

I had a horrible experience at an Applebee's in Canada. The food took forever to arrive, approximately 45 mins and the quality of the food was not very good at all. The quesadillas were falling apart and the chicken used had a rubbery texture, like M&M meat shops chicken. Terrible.

I do not care to eat at this restaurant, every time I have dined at this facility I have walked away hungry. I feel that I have not got what I had paid for, as a result I have resolved not to return there again.

I honestly have had a bad experience at Applebee's with the service and the quality of food a few times so I have never been there since. I told the manager the last time I was there and they didn't seem to care. So honestly I don't intend going back.

Use to love Applebee's but the food has become blah and the service is beyond horrible, so I do not care how affordable they might be. I will no longer go to the applebee's around my area and have pretty much stayed away from others as well. Sorry but two bad experiences are enough for me.

I can relate to this story very easily. My husband and I went with one of our friends for dinner one night, and it wasn't all that crowded. It took them 20 minutes just to come by and take our drink orders. It was another 20 minutes or so before we even got our drinks, and then at least 10 more minutes before we ordered our food. Our friend ordered a burger medium-well, and he had to send it back 4 times. He was finally so fed up that he didn't even eat the last one. None of the food was good, and we we tried to complain, they charged us for the whole meal anyway. They didn't even care that we told them it was horrible, they were just more concerned with getting our money. I didn't know that they refused to reveal their calorie content, but I'm glad that someone pointed that out. That just helped me make my mind up even more.

Ok. A few months ago i ate at applebees. My mom and i got to late classes together every wednesday we pick a different place. The car side boy was a bit inexperienced, but the food was horrible!!!!!!. I will never eat there again. And that's a promise. I get better from my local fast food place. We just hated it

We eat there on road trips sometimes because they trump Micky D's and there are vast stretches of the midwest where this is fine dining. Whenever we have a choice, though, we'll pick a Mom N Pop Diner over a chain.

We always have terrible service at any Applebee's we go to. Food is just OK. I would skip it.

Haven't eaten here in almost 6 months because the last 4 times we went my order was either not brought out at all (thank God for appetizers), or the salmon I ordered smelled & tasted raw, and my salad always has to be sent back because they put meat on it. (I'm a vegetarian.) Each time, the manager was flippant and didn't even apologize I'm giving them 2 stars because my husband & son said the ribs were "good".

applebees is usually a 50/50 for me. sometimes the food is delicious. others - not so good. the same goes for customer service. it is hit and miss. if i have a choice to go to a different sit down restaurant i opt out of applebees.