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The Middle-Class Thief

on Nov 25, 2009: I don't agree with stealing but it is more understandable if someone steals a loaf of bread ect., to feed their family, but expensive cheeses? cosmetics and cell phones? how are these necessary life or death items to steal? There are ways to get items cheaply without having to resort to stealing.

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Saying "I Do" Is More Difficult For Childhood Cancer Survivors

on Oct 27, 2009: It's so strange because I have felt the same way, that I cannot relate to people in general much less someone on an intimate level. I have married but it did not work out, now I do not want to marry again. Also, I never wanted children as a child and I still do not want them. I wonder if that is a…

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Oprah's Chicken Giveaway : Philanthropy or Hypocrisy?

on Sep 17, 2009: Poor selection of company to offer a promotion from. After doing a show on animal cruelty, I don't think it was wise to go with KFC. What about Popeye's or Church's? Their chicken is way better. I thought It was ridiculous how angry people were getting over this chicken, complaining that their fam…