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Mackenzie Phillips Opens Up On Oprah

Mackenzie Phillips Opens Up On Oprah

Mackenzie Phillips shocked the public recently when she went on Oprah to reveal her account of a long term sexual relationship she had with her famous father, John Phillips.  The public remembers John Phillips, who died in 2001, best for being the leader of the well known singing group The Mamas & the Papas.  Mackenzie Phillips is best known for her role in the popular late 70’s and early 80’s sitcom One Day At A Time where she began playing the part of Julie Cooper at the age of 16.  Reaction to Mackenzie’s claims have been met with varying degrees of sympathy and disbelief.

According to Mackenzie Phillips she was 19 when her father raped her while she was blacked out from drug use.  Both she and her father were well known drug abusers for most of their lives, Mackenzie Phillips claiming she first tried cocaine at the age of 11.  Phillips told Winfrey that she did drugs with her father often and he was the one who taught her how to roll joints and injected her with cocaine. 

Phillips’ new book High On Arrival describes a 10 year "consensual" incestuous relationship she had with her father that followed the rape.  Friends and family of Mackenzie Phillips have responded to her recent announcement on both sides of the fence, some stand behind her and feel she is telling the truth while others claim these are false allegations she is making about John Phillips. 

Michelle Phillips, John’s ex-wife and ex-band member of The Mamas & the Papas has criticized Mackenzie for taking the news public.  She submitted a statement to CNN saying that, "Whether her relationship with her father is delusional or not, it is an unfortunate circumstance and very hurtful for our entire family." 

Michelle Phillips’ daughter and Mackenzie Phillips’ half sister, Chynna Phillips, has shown support for her sister.  Chynna admitted on Oprah that she has known about Mackenzie’s incestuous relationship for the last 12 years.  As to whether or not she thinks her sister is telling the truth, Chynna says that she believes no one would go to great lengths to declare to the world that they were having a consensual incestuous relationship with their father unless it were true.

As to why Mackenzie Phillips would go public with this information, she explained to Winfrey, "I understand this is a difficult thing for my family but nobody’s talking about this, and if I’ve started a national dialogue, then I’m forever grateful.

What do you think of Mackenzie Phillips’ use of a public forum to reveal incest allegations against John Phillips?

Do you think a sexual relationship between a father and daughter could ever be considered "consensual" as Mackenzie Phillips calls it?

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  • PaulaK By PaulaK

    It must have taken incredible strength for her to come out on the Oprah show. For everyone who wonders why she came out with this now, keep in mind that she did tell her sister and others twelve years ago. Also, other people in her father's band were aware of what was going on as it was happening. I don't think this is something she fabricated. I think that this is just when she felt confident enough in herself to reveal the awful skeletons in her closet. I'm rooting for her.

  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    I cannot even imagine the life that some people have or have had. I hope she sees this as a cleansing and can now enjoy the rest of her life.

  • crysrocke By crysrocke

    I'm very sorry for any woman that has has this happen to them. What I don't understand is that she was 18 when it happened. When it first happened, why didn't she tell anyone or get away from him? It seems bizzarre to be a young woman making money, having a career and not being able to reject her father's sexual advances. I understand she admired him but a 10 year sexual relationship into adulthood doesn't make sense to me. As stated on Oprah, she knew better and her father was a creep.

  • momagarry By momagarry

    I am just at a lost of words. I do not know how to respond to this show. I was blown away.

  • crystal_s2007 By crystal_s2007

    this is horrible & confusing to me. how could a father possibly do such a thing to his own daughter is something i will never be able to understand. it is just absolutely sickening and yet so sad! i think the woman is honestly telling the truth about this. i don't care if she was on drugs or what, there is no way someone could fabricate such an awful & disturbing story. i don't know how she kept this bottled inside for such a long amount of time, maybe if she had told someone the first time it occured she wouldn't have been led down the path which she has but this was not at all her fault & i hate that the poor woman is being so awfully criticized for sharing this. this is the first step in her getting on the right path & being able to continue on with a sober life afterall...

  • deegaroo By deegaroo

    If what she is saying is true, I feel awful for her, but I'm extremely skeptical of the validity of her story. She has a history of lying, do drugs and anything else to get attention & to get money. Also her family doesn't believer her. This is something that doesn't belong in a public forum. It just doesn't.

  • patty_jo By patty_jo

    This kind of stuff should never be made public. Hollywood is really trashy these days. This is exactly the reason I do not watch tv much anymore. I watch what I want online. I will get off my soap box now.

  • karlav87 By karlav87

    No wonder she is/was a druggie. Nasty!

  • jenndta69 By jenndta69

    I think it's just awful. It explains why she has had a problem staying clean. I hope she gains support and prayers in this tough time.

  • latinamom By latinamom

    I am very sorry for everything that she had to go through starting at an early age. What John Phillips did to Mackenzie is sickening. From introducing her to drugs to raping her and for continuing to abuse her for so many years. For those of you that are skeptical, it is said that other people knew about their relationship (this coming from the daughter of another member of the group). I can't imagine what she went through. It's hard enough being taken advantage from a stranger or friend, but from your own father....My prayers are with her.

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