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Mackenzie Phillips Opens Up On Oprah

Mackenzie Phillips Opens Up On Oprah

Mackenzie Phillips shocked the public recently when she went on Oprah to reveal her account of a long term sexual relationship she had with her famous father, John Phillips.  The public remembers John Phillips, who died in 2001, best for being the leader of the well known singing group The Mamas & the Papas.  Mackenzie Phillips is best known for her role in the popular late 70’s and early 80’s sitcom One Day At A Time where she began playing the part of Julie Cooper at the age of 16.  Reaction to Mackenzie’s claims have been met with varying degrees of sympathy and disbelief.

According to Mackenzie Phillips she was 19 when her father raped her while she was blacked out from drug use.  Both she and her father were well known drug abusers for most of their lives, Mackenzie Phillips claiming she first tried cocaine at the age of 11.  Phillips told Winfrey that she did drugs with her father often and he was the one who taught her how to roll joints and injected her with cocaine. 

Phillips’ new book High On Arrival describes a 10 year "consensual" incestuous relationship she had with her father that followed the rape.  Friends and family of Mackenzie Phillips have responded to her recent announcement on both sides of the fence, some stand behind her and feel she is telling the truth while others claim these are false allegations she is making about John Phillips. 

Michelle Phillips, John’s ex-wife and ex-band member of The Mamas & the Papas has criticized Mackenzie for taking the news public.  She submitted a statement to CNN saying that, "Whether her relationship with her father is delusional or not, it is an unfortunate circumstance and very hurtful for our entire family." 

Michelle Phillips’ daughter and Mackenzie Phillips’ half sister, Chynna Phillips, has shown support for her sister.  Chynna admitted on Oprah that she has known about Mackenzie’s incestuous relationship for the last 12 years.  As to whether or not she thinks her sister is telling the truth, Chynna says that she believes no one would go to great lengths to declare to the world that they were having a consensual incestuous relationship with their father unless it were true.

As to why Mackenzie Phillips would go public with this information, she explained to Winfrey, "I understand this is a difficult thing for my family but nobody’s talking about this, and if I’ve started a national dialogue, then I’m forever grateful.

What do you think of Mackenzie Phillips’ use of a public forum to reveal incest allegations against John Phillips?

Do you think a sexual relationship between a father and daughter could ever be considered "consensual" as Mackenzie Phillips calls it?

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  • ygarza5 By ygarza5

    Tat is a very scary thing. I hope she is lying. But at the same time why would she? ANd of course if she is saying it is consensual then it was.

  • rulistenin By rulistenin

    The media has put so much focus on "the act" rather than the underlying problem, which is 'betrayal'. Mackenzie is probably a victim of trying to gain a parent's love and approval. She put her dad on a pedistal, in which he finally fell off of. The most painful kind of Betrayal is when it comes from a family member... especially a parent. (Sadly, I can say all this from experience. It was a different form of betrayal that I experienced, and it split the family. Other siblings who didn't go through the same hurtful games have no clue how significant the internal pain can be). I just pray God will help Mackenzie make it through, and one day maybe she will be able to let go of the sorrow.

  • Jen7145 By Jen7145

    She is selling a book. It seems whenever someone is putting a book out there, it is no holds barred. Though I really do not know how I actually feel about this . . . "Should it be kept private?" . . . "Should you make it public?" Obviously she has come to grips with what went on in her life, otherwise she would not be broadcasting it to the world.

  • Alyssarae92293 By Alyssarae92293

    She waited too long to say somthing abotu it......I mean the dad's dead! Now all its doing is damage

  • marlam By marlam

    I guess we will never know the real truth and it is very sad if true. How convenient that this has added fuel to her new book. It never would have sld without ths

  • mommymomo By mommymomo

    Reagrdless of what may have happened, this. in my opinion, is a desperate attempt for money and attention. Her life is her business. As I commented in the David Letterman blog, booty calls are none of my business. If she is truly a survivor of an unwanted sexual act or acts, coming out with this may be cathartic, however, this should be done in a therapists office, not on TV. This woman has had a life of severe drug abuse, alcohol problems, and eating disorders. Were these caused by her incestuous relationship? Not for us to decide. She needs to get help. My opinion only! Also, if her father is dead, it goes unsubstansiated. How is that fair? In that same breath, if he is guilty, he should be condemed by a jury of his peers. But not the jury of the public. We cannot be expected to decide on one side of a story. I could tell you I had an affair with Soupy Sales. Have I? He cannot deny it, so then it must be true. Think about it!

  • L_camille By L_camille

    Writing a book about this kind of thing just bothers me...yes it is very sad what happend to her..what her father did to her, but how could you even stand to be in the same room with ANY man who did something like this to you..especially your father.

  • Eleanor By Eleanor

    If you read John Phillip's book you will see that his brain was so completely ruined by drug use that ANYTHING seemed reasonable. It would be impossible for a relationship between a child and her Father to be "consentual". Papa John was driven by demons of his own doing and sadly for his daughter, Mackenzie was victimized. It is the saddest kind of child abuse because fame and money had everyone involved dazzled into denial,

  • luvz2shop By luvz2shop

    Wish she would have kept it to herself!

  • cybrown551 By cybrown551

    I don?t think that a sexual relationship between a daughter and father is ever ?consensual.? I call it rape. A child is not responsible when it comes to having sex with an adult. I think that she should look into more therapy because if she still believe that she had a choice than she is not ready to therapy or share her story with the public. She is still in denial.

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