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Breast Milk Cheese: The Latest In Fine Dining?

on Mar 29, 2010: Breast milk is for infants. it is disgusting to treat his wife as though she were a common farm animal to produce milk for his menu. Shame on him. Gross. Also not very acceptable in modern culture as acceptable behavior. Much as hooking her up to a pump and displaying her in the restaurant wi…

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Mackenzie Phillips Opens Up On Oprah

on Sep 28, 2009: I think that it is perfectly rational for her to go public now that her tormentor is dead. Now she can confront it without him too going on tv and declaring her a liar thus victimizing her again only this time publicly. Look at how her family is victimizing and they weren't even involved. Altho…

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Is It Your Legal Right To 'Shoot The Bird' In Public?

on Sep 24, 2009: if a person is exhibiting disorderly conduct they should be ticketed. If the guy flipped the bird to a cop, he was obviously disrespecting the cops authority for some reason. He should have gotten a ticket