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One 'Tough Woman' Put An End To The Massacre At Fort Hood

on Feb 16, 2010: She should be applauded. The whole ordeal makes me sick to my stomach that people can be so mentally ill and want to hurt people. It is not our job to end each others lives, no matter what has happened to you in life. I can't handle thinking about it. She did an amazing job and she should forever …

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Do You Do Black Friday?

on Feb 16, 2010: too intense for me. my dad went and got a nice plasma TV for my bedroom. It was his first time. He said he would do it again. I don't think i could deal with it!

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Forced To Be Physically Fit

on Feb 16, 2010: How is anybody getting upset about this at all? They should not single people out and say, 'Hey, you're overweight, you need to do this program!', rather, it shoudl be required for every student. How can you disagree with something that is trying to help America be less unhealthy. Look around, we …