Your Purse: A Weighty Issue

   By drodriguez  Sep 14, 2008

If you are one of the many women who insist on carrying the whole world on her shoulder, there may be help. We know how important it is in our fast paced lives to be prepared for everything. That is exactly the reason we fill our purses daily with band-aids, sippy cups, hair brushes, lotions, pens, cell phones, and anything else we can cram in one of those hidden compartments.

We are so busy preparing for the day that we often forget the back and neck pain that can be brought on from lugging a heavy bag around all day. Dr. Jane Sadler weighed in on the issue in a news report issued by the Baylor Health Care System.

She spoke about the patients who come in to her office complaining of neck pain and headaches. Dr. Sadler said, “What I usually do is look for their purse and pick it up. We take it over to the scale and weigh it and usually they’re anywhere from 7 to 10 pounds.” (Think of it as the equivalent of carrying a small baby or watermelon around all day on one shoulder.)

So, what can we do to lighten our load? The folks at O Magazine recently interviewed chiropractor Isis M. Medina to find out just that. Here are a few of the tips Medina offered to relieve women of pain from a purse:

? Do not carry a bag that is more than 10 percent of your body weight. A bag more than five pounds when empty is a bad start.
? Avoid long straps because they tend to tug you to one side in a C shape, with the purse bumping at your hip.
? Try the purse on to test for comfort before you make a purchase.

What do you think of these tips to lessen the pain caused from a heavy purse?

Are you or have you ever been guilty of carrying an oversized overweight bag?

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Sanjabay by Sanjabay | Albuquerque, NM
Dec 03, 2008

I carry way too much stuff in my purse, everthing form the necessities to a bottle of water. I've found that wearing a cross body purse better distributes the weight.

shanns316 by shanns316 | Mc Veytown, PA
Nov 28, 2008

It is the same rule as a backpack for your kids too much can cause damage you would not think soo but it does if you ned to carry a large purse clean it out once a day I was quilty carrying a large purse when my girls were little now that they are teens they have their own so I do not need to fuss as much as when they were younger

Lndy by Lndy | Gaston, SC
Aug 13, 2008

I LOVE a big purse. I just go through it each evening and take out the junk I have acquired through out the day.

sweet_angel by sweet_angel | brighton, IA
Jan 02, 2008

I finally did away with a purse, had to get weigh one time left my purse on my shoulder, they oops put it down, that thing weighed 3 lbs.

now it is so much easier not have to lug it around.

lynda62 by lynda62 | TWO RIVERS, WI
Dec 18, 2007

Mine was getting too heavy for this Christmas shopping so I decided to at least get rid of the change in the bottom of my handbag. It was like having a piggy bank in the bottom of my bag.

jsgkelley by jsgkelley | Knoxville, TN
Dec 09, 2007

It seems like no matter how hard I try, my purse weighs "a ton." I try to take out what I don't need, but the bag is heavy even when it is empty. Why don't stores get together and have one "magic" card that gets their products? I have to carry 15 different cards to purchase their specials. I don't know what the solution is, but my back and neck really let me know they don't like it when I shop all day carrying a bag on my shoulder.

dragonflylover by dragonflylover | Arroyo Grande, CA
Nov 27, 2007

I sure can see how purses get overloaded. My husband is notorious for asking me to put something in my purse for him. Of course I have plently of my own junk as well. I do try to keep it to a minimum but I just like to be prepared for whatever I might come across. During this season you definately want your Purrell with you for washing your hands if you can't get to water. The stuff just keeps adding up. What are ya gonna do????

lete by lete | Freehold, NJ
Nov 22, 2007

I'm a massage therapist specializing in neck, shoulder and back pain. I ask women patients to let me feel their purses and am always amazed at how heavy they are. I advise women to transfer their absolute essentials to a really small purse and keep rest of their "stuff" in their trunk.

Penguina by Penguina | BORDENTOWN, NJ
Nov 16, 2007

My purse is pretty heavy but I have to make sure I have everything with me. This shows that its not exactly the safest thing for me to be carrying around. I feel lost without my purse since there is everything in it.

tweetyj by tweetyj | BIRMINGHAM, AL
Nov 01, 2007

My purse always starts out a decent weight, but I always end up with so much in it that I can't zip/close it sometimes! I'm gonna have to do better about picking out the things that are absolutely neccessary to have with me. I appreciate that guidelines given above. They will give me a goal to work towards.

MBenita by MBenita | PHILADELPHIA, PA
Oct 30, 2007

Mrs Hambone hit the nail on the head! Change is heavy! I too am a member of this club. I've learned to carry just my wallet adn cell phone (of course, the requisite lip gloss) in my purse and everything else in a tote bag.

sillycat by sillycat | MELBOURNE, FL
Oct 25, 2007

well i am guilty of this all the way. i carry everything but the kitchen sink in my purse. whats funny is the normal things you would put in a purse are hardly ever in your purse. well i have just started to carry only a coin purse on my keyring and that sure has been a great move. i havent missed my purse since. only when going out now i carry a purse.

weldooo by weldooo | DANVILLE, CA
Oct 23, 2007

I decided to take away my purse altogether. (Granted I have a diaper bag which is where I store most things.) As stated by others, if I have a purse, I fill it! Not having one seems to simplify what I really neeed to bring for myself. The only time I carry one is for a special occasion and then I take a really small one...

gracem by gracem | North Hollywood, CA
Oct 22, 2007

I got a Palm Treo that doubles as a calendar for everything from meetings to birthdays and a phone. It also allows me to go to the internet and has GPS. So now I only carry a small wallet, my phone that does it all, some gum and some lotion. I do not write checks anymore I use a debit card instead.

sharman421 by sharman421 | TALLAHASSEE, FL
Oct 21, 2007

Two years ago I went small. All the handbags were very small and matched every outfit. But then they came out with these great looking large handbags again. No matter what size handbag I use, I will put in it whatever fits! So, it's true, a large handbag with a long strap and my shoulders and neck will be hurting for days. The designers need to make handbags on wheels, just like those book bags and suitcases, fashionable!