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Big Money Mistakes Not To Make

on Nov 18, 2008: I see it more as a twofold problem: people are not spending because everyday, companies are laying off people - so, you can't spend what you don't have. And/or, the hype has really opened the eyes of people who were drowning iin debt even before the hype. If nothing else, probably for the first…

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Parenting Without A Paddle

on Jul 23, 2008: Geez. I'd really like to meet the people behind some of these "studies" and see what their kids are really like via a hidden camera. Not only were we spanked, we didn't threaten to call the cops nor were there "time outs" and all the screaming at parents and that crap. Take your behind to your …

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Six Figures To Stay Home

on Jul 23, 2008: I don't see how they can put a dollar figure on parenthood -period! Let's see: you're a nurse, doctor, lawyer, negotiator, CPA, financial consultant, bank teller, customer service rep, construction worker, baker, caterer, seamstress, laundrer, hair stylist, counselor...and someone punching in n…