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Glade Scented Oil Candles

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Get Rid of Germs & Enter the #MicroGoldMultiAction Giveaway

on Dec 07, 2020: sounds amazing realy need this product

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Cold Meds: Not For Our Kids

on Nov 30, 2007: when it comes to over the counter medicine for my kids i am very skeptical. there are so many medicines out there claiming to do this or that and be safe then you turn around and hear stuff that is not what you want to hear about medicine you been trusting to give your child. im not sure about the…

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Your Purse: A Weighty Issue

on Oct 25, 2007: well i am guilty of this all the way. i carry everything but the kitchen sink in my purse. whats funny is the normal things you would put in a purse are hardly ever in your purse. well i have just started to carry only a coin purse on my keyring and that sure has been a great move. i havent missed…